3 Quick SEO Remedies for All Websites

3 Quick SEO Remedies for All WebsitesIf you’re someone driving a sizeable chunk of revenues from your online outlet and the web-based platform happens to be the lifeblood of your business, then surely you’d appreciate the website earning a better SEO ranking in 2017. To be a little more specific, and to drive home the moot point, you’d expect your e-commerce site to attract more traffic, so that you get more prospective leads for converting the same into customers. Over the past few years, the world of search engines, especially Google, has witnessed some upheavals and undergone irreversible changes, chiefly with respect to search engine ranking algorithms, impacting the visibility of almost all websites.

Google has brought about a total reorganization in the modus-operandi of ranking SERPs as results are reflected more universally via news, videos, and images. For you, these vicissitudes or developments implies that you can no longer look forward to improving your portal’s ranking by tweaking keywords. You’d have to consider some other aspects and fine-tune your SEO strategy in order to increase the site’s visibility.

As a busy professional, you may not always have the time to explore all the techniques, some of which may help you to stand up to the changes and take them in your stride. However, there exist some SEO remedies (or quick-fixes if you’d like it that way) that you can bank upon for getting the desired results. In the following paragraphs, three quick-fixes have been elaborated that might serve as an expedient solution.

  1. Ensure the following analytical tools have been installed and structured

Devote the requisite time to some interactive and universal analytics if you sincerely wish to enhance your site’s SEO ranking, both in terms of organic and paid searches. The strategic quick-fix that is being implied here is to ascertain whether Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics are already set up on the site. Not only that, make sure if these diagnostic tools share the account as YouTube, Tag Manager, and Google Adwords.

Google Webmaster Tools incorporates under its ambit a range of free-source tools that play a defining role in regards to diagnosing your site for issues that might impact the manner in which it shows up in organic search results. Additionally, you can make the most of WebSite Auditor-another effective yet free tool, that is even more analytic when it comes to scrutinizing your portal for adjustments or modifications which will eventually contribute towards bettering its position when Google goes for an SEO drive.

Installing Google Analytics matters because the tool assists you in launching a convenient search traffic drive where you can carry out personalized modifications like altering the search period range and contrasting the range with that of the previous one.

  1. Brainstorm a tagline that aptly defines your business

The moment you think about basketball, Michael Jordan comes to your mind. Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay) has been universally accepted as the ‘greatest’ of all boxers of all times. Mercedes Benz, BMW, Rolls Royce, and Audi are the car models that crowd your vision when you surmise about the luxury auto. Each and every world-famous product or brand is associated or linked with an exclusive and unique tagline. This tagline helps you to identify the brand almost instantaneously. So, why not think up a keyword phrase for your site with a good recall value? Once you’ve brainstormed a keyword that comprises of a few words (it should be catchy), insert the same throughout.

  1. Target each and every link

You need to be aggressive, if you really want to improve your site’s SEO ranking status and that often means not ignoring emails that entreat you to offer your feedback on a trending topic. Guest blogging might be passé but you can still take advantage of it as far as link building is concerned.