Battle For The Planet Of Local SEO SEO has taken a turn for the worse recently when Google changed it’s algorithms and knocked out the multi-business listings and now only list 3 businesses during a search.

On top of all that, the rumors are that sponsored ads are down the pike that will obliterate the small guys’ chances of getting listed effectively. This is where the local SEO experts are going to have to show their stuff. Outperform like never before. This also calls for you to rethink your local SEO game plan and do so quickly.

You can’t rest on your laurels regarding this. The old fashioned ways don’t work, and nowadays, money talks and strategy walks. You can have all the best strategy to get those local listings and traffic, but with the new single standardized set of local results that spans mobile and desktop, things don’t look too good for the inexperienced at all. It’s rumored that with the changes, approximately 60 % of local businesses have fallen off and soon, the competition is going to get real harsh.

The reference here is the Snack Pack. Results show that these are at the top of the pile. This also suggests that the good ol’ days are gone and sponsored links are going to reign supreme. That being said, it’s going to call on SEO experts to come up with strategies that can beat this Death Star of Google’s. Somewhere, somehow, some diligent SEO expert will find a way to circumnavigate the local SEO sponsored stuff and those experts are the ones that will be most prized. This is why you have to diversify more than ever, make sure links are relevant, reviews are accurate, websites are professional, images and videos are tagged and described correctly. No deceptions or Black Hat nonsense whatsoever.

The big picture here is that the landscape of local SEO has changed so drastically, that now, more than ever, expert advice isn’t just recommended, it’s mandatory.

Businesses just can’t keep up with the changes going on with Google and now that Google dominates everything, they call the shots. The small guy is fading in the wind and it means those who aren’t using the latest in techniques and strategies are doomed. It may suck, but that is the reality of things.

So what can be done? Keep your finger on the pulse of the local SEO industry by looking for reputable agents. Don’t let them tell you they can solve every problem and make unrealistic claims. Ask for details that you both feel comfortable discussing. You’ll find out that the SEO expert is aware of the recent changes and has been putting on their thinking cap to see how best to make things turn out right.

Don’t expect success overnight. This is an industry wide situation that calls for months of study and there’s no telling what next will happen if Google tries another change. It’s a pity things have come to this. Google was once the hero, the underdog, the David vs Goliath that changed the face of the web allowing millions of people to escape from the wealthy businesses that dominated. Now they’ve turned into what they once fought against. It may be their undoing, as another search engine, a small business friendly search engine might pick up steam and put fear into Google.