Breaking That SEO Glass Ceiling

Breaking That SEO Glass CeilingLet’s say you’ve already started your SEO campaign and after a few months you’ve seen significant improvements, but like all things, nothing remains the same. You may hit a plateau, a glass ceiling of sorts ad you’ll need to make some adjustments so you can gain further ground and revenue.

It’s no time to fret, it just means you’ve done all you can to reach your targeted audience. At this point you have to realize you need to re-analyze your efforts to see what has worked and what hasn’t and then set up a logical strategy to improve.
There are several things you can do, but do so cautiously. Be realistic too. Don’t shoot for the stars but look for that gradual increase so that you can monitor your analytics and stats.

You may try a few techniques that work well. You may need a new vertical Let’s say you’re selling toys like classic Transformers toys from HASBRO. Well, you have the list of those specific toys and the names of the characters, accessories, related movies, television shows, comic books, listed on your site and you’re doing well but hit that glass ceiling. Well, if you’re successful with Transformers, there are other toys of a similar vein and you can try creating a page featuring them. Add a new landing page an d pepper your social media venues with the news. Also, sending contest to other sites that allow you to comment will boost something and you’ll start to see traffic coming in based on your new vertical. Keep an eye on your stats and analytics to see how the new addition is doing. Does it increase your bottom line and also enhance other sales on your site? Remember the new content you create has to be of great quality. It’s not necessarily a thing of quantity more than quality. If you sell such Transformers toys, and you write an article about your favorite and fans of the toy chime in you’ll pick up friends and people who will rely on you. They’ll share your content ad comment about you in other forums, social media, and more. All this leads to more organic traffic and better conversions.

Once you see a change for the better in your stats, you can then add a new section to your site featuring your new content and niche. Don’t stray too far away from your main niche. If you’re selling those robot Transformers toys and other robot transforming toys, keep at toys and robot like stuff so that fans won’t get confused. Give each new item its own section, then rinse and repeat. Check stats, look for what works, what keywords are bringing in the organic traffic, which content gets the most interactive results, and so on.

SEO is a continual and gradual process. You’re going to have to keep up at it along with your content marketing. It just can’t be done one time and then you rest on your laurels. That’s just the way SEO is nowadays and will get more complicated as time goes on as the new algorithms designed to maximize greater relevant results and ad revenue for the search engines expand.