Common SEO Pitfalls and How to Turn Around Your SEO Campaign

Common SEO Pitfalls and How to Turn Around Your SEO CampaignThe success of your SEO promotion campaign will to a considerable extent depend upon how market-oriented your strategy is if columnist Trond Lyngbø is to be believed. Your search engine optimization technique is undoubtedly an indispensable part of your organization’s promotional mix but whether you can make the most of the same is dependent upon its effective implementation. Devising and implementing the stratagem is somewhat akin to jugglery. You’ve to be a thorough juggler/ pro at what you’re doing if you want to keep the balls bouncing in the air. Even the most meticulously strategized SEO drives can come a cropper if its execution is not according to plan and it usually fails owing to the following reasons.

  1. Not being a go-getter: Are you content with being an also-ran in the cut-throat world of trade and commerce or have your set your sights on staying ahead of the competition? Your level or intensity of drive is a circumstantial marker of what’s on your mind and how you plan to get on with your business. Evidently enough, you’ll not prefer to invest heavily in a SEO campaign if your goals are short-term oriented and ephemeral. For you, apportioning funds for online marketing will be a sacrilege as you’d be confident of your site securing a good SERP rank just by tweaking content or introducing some allegedly Google-friendly keywords.You don’t even realize how you’ve settled for mediocrity and that a miss is as good as a mile in the highly volatile virtual world. It has been observed that quite unlike conventional modes of marketing, the SEO approach is subject to greater vicissitudes with passage of time and hence you’d upgrade it not only more often but also introduce radical transformations. This requires you to invest quite a sum if you want to attract the niche traffic.
  2. Obsolescence can prove to be costly: It is quite surprising as well as unfortunate to note that even behemoths and conglomerates fall prey to the ‘sunken cost fallacy’. The sunken cost fallacy implies that once you’ve already invested or rather sunk in a huge sum for netting a high volume of online traffic, you’re not going to get back what you’ve invested. These companies tend to keep on with SEO specialists who’ve become virtual dodos or dinosaurs as their approaches are backfiring and not bringing in the desired results.The multinationals continue to have these experts on their rolls even when they’re aware that they haven’t updated themselves because the firms don’t want to take the risk of investing heavily all over again without being sure of the outcome. But carrying on with outmoded specialists you risk making your site completely unfeasible. The solution lies in recruiting SEO wizards who’re conversant of the latest marketing trends as well as aware of groundbreaking technologies.
  3. Fill-it shut it and forget it: Any SEO drive is a stratagem that needs to be nurtured from time to time just as you’d take care of a sapling so that it grows into a healthy plant or tree. In other words, you’ll have to modify and/or upgrade your web-based publicizing approach periodically depending upon the circumstances.
  4. Not being perseverant can backfire as well: Your SEO movement should be planned in a manner where your budget is apportioned proportionately over the entire course of the operation instead of allocating a too large or a very small amount for some distinct stages. Your campaign should’ve the right mix of ‘checks’ and ‘balances’ to gauge or estimate whether the same is delivering the goods at each and every step.