Dental SEO and Your Users’ Experience Depend Heavily on Your Website’s Speed

Dental SEO and Your Users' Experience Depend Heavily on Your Website's Speed With so much to choose from, online readers have become very demanding and impatient. This is why it’s so important to have a great download speed when it comes to your dental practice’s website. Doing so will help it retain potential visitors and benefit your dental SEO too.

Why Your Dental Website may be Loading Slowly

There are numerous reasons why your dental website may be loading slowly, including:

  • Poorly optimized images on your webpages will dramatically decrease your download speed. This is why you must choose the right balance of size and image quality. Your photos should always be in .JPEG format while your logos and icons should be in .PNG format.
  • Plug-ins and widgets can also slow your page. You’ll want to assess the speed of each of these.
  • Adobe Flash will dramatically slow down your webpage, especially for your mobile users since it may not be compatible with their device. This is why you should always test your webpage’s load time on different devices and browsers.
  • Ads oftentimes slow a website down. This is also true when you become obsessed with creating an extraordinary design for your website. It’s important to maintain a good balance when it comes to how many embedded media items you utilize.

Why You’ll Want to Improve Your Dental Website’s Load Time

Taking the time to work on your dental SEO and load times is beneficial for several reasons, including:

  • Google and Bing have become committed to making the whole internet run faster. This is why they use page speed as a key signal in determining your ranking for both your mobile and desktop website. This importance will continue to grow as more and more people use mobile browsers.
  • Most people expect websites to load quickly today. When this doesn’t happen, they’ll move to a competitor’s website to get the information they want or need.
  • Many online shoppers don’t complete their purchasing when the website is too slow.
  • People who are reading your content want their surfing experience to be uninterrupted.

Clearly your website’s speed isn’t only important for dentist SEO, but also for creating and uninterrupted surfing experience for your visitors. This will definitely impact how they perceive your practice. When your website loads quickly and operates smoothly people will view your practice as being professional and having a commitment to offering a high-quality experience. Otherwise they may leave your practice.

How to Improve Your Dental Website’s Load Time

There are several things you can do to improve your website’s load time. By taking the time to do them you’ll not only improve your dental SEO but also the way visitors perceive you.

One of the main things is using Google Page Speed. This free tool will help you analyze and optimize your website’s speed and overall performance. Using it is a great way to make your website run faster and be more mobile-friendly. You’ll also be able to see how your website performs different for desktop and mobile devices. As you use this tool, you’ll receive a score of 0 – 100. You’ll want to score at least an 85.


Recent years have brought dramatic changes to both internet and mobile technologies. As the world continues rapidly transforming speed will remain at the forefront. It’s worthwhile to make sure your dentist SEO keeps up.

If you find yourself confused or overwhelmed by any of this, know that you’re not alone. Also know that there’s help available for you. The Local SEO Tampa Company has helped many dentists with dentist SEO over the years and there’s no reason why your practice shouldn’t be next. Reach out to them today!