Does SEO Have Limits?

What are the limitations of SEO?In late 2006 many people thought of SEO as a “dark art” but it definitely wasn’t “rocket science.” This is because they didn’t believe the common person could easily comprehend it. However, since then many people’s opinions have changed radically, and everyone seems to believe that this is an art form everyone in digital marketing should know something about. This is because it’s so generalized today that you don’t need a team dedicated to it. Instead, everyone needs to do their part.

Why People’s View of Search Engine Marketing is Changing

There are a few reasons why this radical change is occurring, including:

  • It’s matured over the years: Born in the 1990’s it’s matured from a cottage industry to a powerful entity over the years. Once something handled by solo practitioners, it’s now so commonplace that it’s typically woven into most traditional marketing strategies.
  • It doesn’t move fast enough: This isn’t the only way to drive traffic today. There are many others that deserve your attention – including paid search, social media, email, and affiliate marketing. These get faster results than working on search engine traffic – something that could take you several months.

Putting SEO to Work for you Today

Now that you understand that you don’t need to feel so stressed out by the search engines, but that you still need to use them, here’s what you should do.

Start by making sure all your employees have a good understanding of the basics. Of course, this will look different for each team (e.g. your development team must understand technicalities, your content team must learn how to incorporate it in their writing, and other teams must know when to reach out for help). This creates knowledgeable employees, but not experts. Nevertheless, having them do 80% of the keyword research, meta tags, content, and internal linking work means you’ll have experts who can truly dedicate their time to working on the more difficult 20% – the “hard part.”

Google is also another issue because it’s constantly changing algorithms. While some are so minor they go unnoticed, others have a hefty impact. There are also some that directly impact certain industries and types searches more than others. Even if you have an in-house team that addresses relevancy and quality issues, recovering from a major Google update can be a big challenge – one that’s only seen once Google makes its updates. If you don’t have a dedicated SEO team, you may wait even longer for corrections to be implemented. Fortunately, if you already have a team in place these updates won’t affect your site because you’re already conducting regular maintenance and updates.

Once you understand the basics you may see where having experience and connections in this field may help you. Considering how important SEO is for driving traffic and how challenging it is to stay up-to-date with all its changes, you should get some help from the Local SEO Tampa Company. Having an experienced, dedicated team working on this for your site can propel you far beyond your competition so get in touch with them today.