Getting Creative With Social Media And SEO

Getting Creative With Social Media And SEOBy now, you should have a basic knowledge and application of the primary social media networks. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, are starts and just posting to them isn’t enough to boost your SEO gains. You’ve got to be creative, use things that make Google take notice and enhance your search engine listings.

Your first thing to do is make sure you’ve got an account or multiple accounts with your brand name in the name of the account. Have your email addresses going to your domain like ‘’ or ‘’ and so on. You’ll use these emails on several accounts as it will look like your site has a good number of staff or even fans. Offer free email accounts too. Make sure you have variations like ‘’ and so on. You’ll get some good mileage this way.

To make social media and SEO work, you’ve got to use it competently and also creatively. Don’t just post bland links to blog articles on your site. Make that content you post on social media, really sparkle and pop. It doesn’t take much, you just pretend you’re posting to a goof friend who can take a joke or even likes the content.

Don’t just stick to content of the niche of your site. Let’s say you run an automotive repair shop in Smith, Ohio. Well of course you’ll post pics of cars, maintenance, parts, special deals and such, but it doesn’t mean you can’t post a video or pic of a spectacular waterfall or cute puppy, as long as it looks like an honest, personal post like, “We love fixing cars but we had to post this pic of this cute puppy!”. What happens is that post will be ‘liked’, ‘commented’, ‘shared’, thus spreading your brand name all over. You’ll get additional attention and build up a strong friendship with people who could be potential customers. People like that personal touch.

Interact with others. Don’t be a wallflower. Step out and meet people in your area and niche and just dive on in on the conversations. Build up relationships and links to your prime content. Answer tough questions that people are dying for answers to. They’ll appreciate the kindness and build up loyalty to your brand. This way, they’ll speak highly of you to others and your links and name and location will cover the full spectrum of SEO strategies. Google will see this as vital activity and consider your site something of value to the surfer and list you higher in the rankings.