Here Are Six Marketing Blogs No One Can Live Without

Here Are Six Marketing Blogs No One Can Live WithoutEveryone has their own favorite sources of information regarding marketing. Some may be highly entertaining but not so informative regarding top professional information. Others may be of utmost top tactical information but are as pleasant to read as a restaurant napkin.

In the game of online marketing, there are six blogs that one just can’t live without. These six blogs are paramount to one’s success in the game of online marketing and SEO. They’re created by not only professionals in their fields, but also by experts who have a passion for their craft. Adding passion to expertise means you get the information from someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. They’ll dive right into the toughest areas and make things go right no matter what the odds.

Let’s take a look at the top six SEO marketing blogs.

1) Moz Blog
This blog has been around for about a decade now, dispensing relevant SEO marketing data that is second to none. It’s a daily blog that covers a wide range of SEO and marketing topics thus giving it a sense of authority that the other sites see as a benchmark. New and old SEO aficionados can find a plethora of data from this blog and it would be wise to keep it bookmarked and uses as a reference. It can be tech heavy at times but not to the point of overwhelming. It calls for some research that the topics cover, but that’s part and parcel to getting a solid education in the SEO marketing arena.

2) Copyblogger
Anyone in the SEO marketing game can tell you that content is king. You’ve heard it before and it’s ore true now than ever. Ses like Google know their surfers want relevant data and not that cookie cutter nonsense that pervades the Ses and spams up the top results. That being said, It would be highly wise to bookmark this site and do your due diligence in educating yourself in SEO marketing.

3) Search Engine Journal
The name speaks for itself. This highly respected blog is full of an immense amount of important SEO marketing data. Popular and full of the kind of posts that anyone in the SEO marketing game can appreciate, the Search Engine Journal is a key in the industry and of high value to say the least. They’ve even got a podcast services that’s titled “#MarkertingNerds” that features interviews with the top gurus in the industry.

4) HubSpot Blog
Not only does this blog focus on the latest in SEO marketing but it also does the same with sales data. Having a site that gets a lot of traffic but doesn’t convert to sales is useless. This blog shows you how the pros do it and more. Updated regularly it has an inbound marketing point of reference that any newby or pro can comprehend. One might find this site as ‘fast speed’ as it is updated multiple times daily. You can’t beat that for up to the minute industry data!

5) Search Engine Land
Sounds like the name of a theme park doesn’t it? One can imagine going to a place where there will be rides and exhibits based on search engine industry themes. That’s not the case but the catch title is a tribute to how well this blog services the SEO marketing industry. It’s updated regularly during the day and is another example of a fast paced resource that is essential to the newby and pro SEO marketing community. Those wanting the latest regarding algorithm updates will find this blog hits the news wires fast and hard, more than any other resource.

6) Search Engine Watch
PPC is added on to the updated SEO marketing news data that this blog offers. Onnly industry pros get to chime in here from several of the top blogs and websites. Their in-house pros represent many of the top brands in the business. Getting the inside scoop fro the best in the biz is a major advantage and this blog is where the action starts.

Overall, these six blogs are the bulwark of the SEO marketing industry. Updated daily sites that provide the latest in SEO marketing news and technologies, as well as strategies and industry buzz, one would well to remember them and bookmark them asap. Gaining the knowledge these sites have to offer can change your game plans drastically for the better.