How the New Google “Pigeon” Update Is Affecting Internet Marketing

How the New Google “Pigeon” Update Is Affecting Internet MarketingGoogle is always going to be the main component to any online marketing adventure, and the updates to the algorithm and search engine all around that they make are going to result in a few consequential events to take place. The one thing individuals can’t stand from these updates is the fact that they’re always changing how sites are ranked, and when you do that you ruin the hard work and dedicated that people have put into their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) processes.

The whole point Google is trying to get across is that they’re in it for the advertisers over everything, because in the end they’re the ones buying AdWords and putting money into their bank. The local search functions will be identical to the way that they were before, because all of the changes are “behind-the-scenes” this time around. The update itself was released on the 25th of July, and seeing as the update focussed on local search results they called it “Pigeon” (the pigeon is the kind of bird that usually flies home whenever possible, so it’s actually quite clever when you think about it). Searching in context hasn’t been Google’s strong suit, but this new update improves upon the contextual search features used when looking up local results.

The stores that rely on their local region to make a living are going to see that this update can help them in many different ways, but it’s also going to make sure that these services and online presences are going to resonate with quality. The content you’re putting on your site consistently is ultimately going to determine how successful it will be, and if you’re updating your site with low-quality content all of the time you’re going to notice a change in your traffic and revenue as a whole. If you want to make the most of this Pigeon update you’re going to have to keep a very close eye on your website analytics. Try to find specific pieces of content or keywords that are going to draw traffic towards your page, grow yourself organically and you’re going to see the difference in your profits. The pigeon update is going to make and break a few people, but being one of those “makers” is going to take a bit of thinking (and, of course, a decent amount of work ethic).