Incoming! Dodging The Social Media SEO Mistakes For Content Marketing

Finally, there are a lot of errors one can make with their content marketing SEO campaigns via social media, but the biggest mistake is not starting.Today’s content marketer had better have their social media SEO marking A Game on. To neglect so, is like cutting a hole in your boat.

Of course the 800lb gorilla of social media is Facebook, but don’t let that fool you. You can equal if not surpass Facebook by knowing what to do regarding the other social networks. These networks usually have the same users as Facebook and millions of others are ex-Facebook users. Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, yes, YouTube, and the others with new ones springing up every so often. Your content marketing and SEO will depend on social media to advance.

1-Not understanding social media

You can’t be a lifeguard if you don’t know how to swim. This applies to marketing with social media. Each site has its own rules, terms of service, slang, and so on. Make one mistake and people will jump all over you. You’ll need to know how to post, where to slide your contact info and website urls into posts and commentary, graphics, videos, pictures, and copy. Not obeying rules can mean a ban that you cannot afford. Every day sites like Facebook and Google +, are expanding and adding new procedures and so on. Study and stay on top of them.

2-Making enemies

Social media is where you make friends. Your content, your conduct, should always be polite, informative and useful. Search engines like Google are indexing sites based on a myriad of factors and one is links to a site which are your inbound links. When people follow those links, it shows Google that our site is useful, meaningful, and not just some spam site. The stats and metrics will also show how long people stay at your site, what they find interesting and whether they share or comment sending traffic back to the social media in a growing cycle. Any negative commentary or mentions of your site in monstrously large threads can lead to problems and some would say any advertising is good advertising, but not on the web.

3-Poor landing pages

If you’re going to invite someone to your site, you had better have a comfy place set up for them to kick up their heels. Yes, you can get people to travel to your site via social media but your content marketing won’t do anything if people aren’t attracted to stay and explore your site. Your landing pages are the front doors, the magical access gateways. Google indexes pages, not sites, so your landing pages should be of impact and mystery, yet when they bound through that door and search your site, convert, stick around, it means your site is satisfying the needs of the public. Keep that in mind next time you tell someone to stop by your site.

4-Not interacting with your social media networks

If you’re going to utilize social media in your content marketing then you need to also do two things. Actually interact with the users and mix those social media venues in combinations that best service you. For example, don’t just post something about your company on Facebook and expect Pinterest to just grab it up. You want to make a graphic or photo for Facebook and then either urge surfers to share it on other social media and do so yourself. Graphics, cartoons are easier to understand and people love to share and comment on them. This is the meme market. Just one successful meme can drive unimaginable amounts of traffic your way. Make copy that impacts, turn them into memes and post them. You’ll get notoriety real fast.

5-Not providing useful information

You’re targeting people via social media who have an interest and need for what you do. You’ll first, of course, join those groups and friends to let them know you’re likewise interested in things. Be slow at first, just dish out some sound advice here and there. People will catch on that you’re an expert at the topic and then you can spring your sales pitches because ‘they’ asked for it. Again, Google is looking for sites that add value, purpose. You must have relevant data that achieves this.

Finally, there are a lot of errors one can make with their content marketing SEO campaigns via social media, but the biggest mistake is not starting.