Is Google capable of influencing political searches?

Google_logoSpeculators are coming up with such statements that political searches made on Google can show results that are “doctored” by the Internet giant.

A study showed recently that how the decision-making power of people can be influenced by the SEO, with whatever ranking the uppermost is very much influencing that person in all likelihood. A massive difference of about 15% is shown by the result in terms of the search results and the voting pattern. This number is huge when it comes down in disturbing the results of an election.

This study puts on hold all such doubts related to SEO as political parties and their candidates are investing more than ever in SEOs in a process of ranking their websites rank as highly as possible.

Purchasing advertisements may be a regular affair these days, but as far as the real deal is concerned, it all comes down to organic ranking.

This does not prove that Google is really doing this but makes oneself wonder: can Google really do this?

To the dismay of many, the answer to this question is very much YES. It has the power in directly influencing the elections by simply manipulating algorithms or filtering out the websites that causes disagreements. And rubbing salt to the pain is the fact that the public is in no position in knowing this until it is too late.

This news may discourage a lot many people, but this should not be taken too seriously by those who have optimized their site well enough. If not, then they should be starting like right now before getting lost in the crowd.