Matt Cutts discusses Penalty Link Examples, Webmaster Tools and SEO

SEO ServiceIt is that time of the week when Matt Cutts, Google’s chief engineer reveal tricks related to webmasters. And this time it is the Penalty Link Examples.

At the time of managing a site, it is always important in having a clear understanding of the linking strategy. It strictly says that one should know the sites which are linking to them. The priority is to ensure that websites with high PageRank is sharing links with the said website. This is a vital thing for SEO. Now, if one is using Webmaster Tools, they won’t necessarily be seeing any remarks about their incoming links. It will simply get reflected where the aforementioned website figures in the results.

However, one will be seeing a message or a notice in Webmaster Tools if the team from Google Webspam has taken any kind of action against the said site’s link. In few cases, one will be having example links from penalised incoming links. However, there can be situations where it won’t be able to share any kind of possible examples, which will be leaving website managers stumped.

Example links won’t be comprehensive always, i.e., one might be having a lot more offending web links than the ones already listed. The listed ones are examples that would help one in getting back on track with their SEO and ascertain the link-types that are causing them trouble. Matt says that it is impossible to list each and every offending link, as these come in millions and Google is incapable of sending out notifications so as to cover everything.

Google is doing their best so as to ensure that Webmaster Tools comes up with detailed messages in future. Additionally, Google also hope to insert some example links so as to assist webmasters in identifying and solve problems related to link building. This might prove to be immensely helpful as one won’t be required to sit long enough and wonder about the root of the problem.

Implementing SEO can be quite tricky and can be a strenuous job to maintain, particularly at the time of managing the inbound links. One might even get penalised for links that they had not created, so it is important in keeping a tab on everything via Webmaster Tools.

Plans related to SEO cannot be left to mere chance. In Matt’s latest video, he assures people that the company will be coming out with a lot many changes in the upcoming months so as to provide webmasters with detailed messages.