Mobile Searches: How Have They Affected Local Business?

Local business are always looking for different ways to reinvent themselves (or just simply invent themselves for the first time). This modern society usually calls for specific traits when you want to be successful in any industry, and one of them happens to be how well ranked you are on search engines. People make use of search engines all the time, and if you’re not ranking locally for your competitive keyword than you’re probably not making any money. We want results and we want them now, we don’t want to wait for things to come to us. Our society has been so spoon fed that it essentially relies on Google and such to give them the results they crave every single time, and 2015 people have projected that mobile searches will overtake desktop computer searches.

This means that being able to appeal towards the mobile demographic is rather important, and if you don’t you’ll be leaving way too much money up for grabs. This is a dollar-based business, and if you aren’t bringing in the bucks you can’t really call yourself successful. Did you know that around sixty-one (61%) percent of mobile searches lead to a purchase of something? This means that online marketers looking for leads are aching to get their hands on some mobile related searches! As a business it would be silly to deny yourself this opportunity, and that’s why you need to make sure you’re ready to take over the mobile world by storm. Here are a few things that you should be keeping an eye out for when it comes to local SEO, and trust me, you’ll want to know these things.


The location of your business or enterprise is no longer important, the internet allows you to reach people all the way across the globe without struggling in the slightest sense. This means you can market all over the globe without worrying about your location being too modest, and mobile searches are almost always on the go. Obviously some people will still search something up with a tablet or phone while in their house, but you get the point. Local SEO is great for mobile searches in any sense!

Personal Opinions

Now you can see the reviews for specific online retailers and such before even making a purchase, which means that personal opinions have taken mobile searches to a whole new level. Not only that, but you can save your money after reading a crappy review on that new restaurant that just opened! Mobile searches saves the day again, and local SEO will help people get local reviews related to your business as well.

Everything is Digital

People don’t buy vinyl or CD’s anymore, and that’s kind of what the case happens to be with everything else too. Most people turn to Amazon or any other online shopping means as opposed to going to the store, and that’s why so many business focus on their mobile presence.

You need to have a strong mobile presence in this industry if you want to take full advantage of your chances, so try and work on that before leasing a new building dedicated to your mail department. Local SEO should be a focal point for your business, no questions asked!