Mobile Watches Changing The Future of Local SEO

Mobile Watches Changing The Future of Local SEOFor local SEO, the upcoming changes in mobile watches may spell a new era that many aren’t ready for.

These new mobile watches are looking at utilizing new approaches and technologies that might put present methods in the dust including local SEO.  The reason being is that the smart watches being smaller one doesn’t have the luxury of typing in requests or searches.  Instead the watches will be using audio, or your voice to activate certain functions and commands.  That being said, the change in apps coming might need this function and more.

In addition, there may be other goodies involved picked up from the video game console industry like vibration and shock.  These functions might be used to alert the wearer to the need to do something like upgrade an app or turn off the television at home.  There’s no telling what these new smart watches will be able to do once the new versions hit the ground running and that brings us back to local SEO.

Some of these mobile watches will be using their own favorite search engine as the default.  Surely Google is the most sought after but one can bet that the others are buying up whatever they can to make sure that their search engine gets top spot in the search queries from your mobile watch.  Since you’ll be speaking your commands the local SEO person needs to optimize their sites, directories and more so that these commands can reach them.

It will take some doing since this is new and mostly untried territory.  Getting maps, locating restaurants, goods and services, means that if your company’s local brand name isn’t optimized you’ll miss out on these opportunities big time. It’s time to get on the ball and optimize your local SEO and stick to it in the long run.  Look at what successful sites have done and ask questions.  Go to the expert SEO sites and get the latest data.  This will give you a fighting chance in the standard local SEO and smartwatch area and should there be a massive upheaval in technology and tactics at least you’ll be on the front lines.

Now on to the tough side of the tracks.

Because of this new frontier, optimizing for mobile watches might call for a whole new bag of tricks.  This might mean having to duplicate your sites, blogs, etc. for mobile watch efficiency.  Changing graphics, altering video, whatever goes.  This may mean a lot of work and if the landscape changes you’ll have to start all over again.  The smartwatch companies and search engines know this and are going to be on top of things just watching what you and others do to optimize things.  It’s usually from the desks of the at-home person that great innovations are born and when they are the big companies leap right on it.  Using users as beta testers is a long time strategy of companies so don’t be surprised if you invent something along the way that becomes the standard.