Why Name-Address-Phone number is important for local SEO

Why Name-Address-Phone number is important for local SEORecent research conducted by SEO experts and Google Analytics alike have shown that the importance of including NAP (Name – Address – Phone Number) is a critical part of practical and profitable Local SEO technique.

Google Statistics show that with over 7 billion business searches per month, nearly 90% of those searches will lead to a prospective customer contacting said business in typically 2 hours or less.

Maximize Website Exposure
Many business and website owners do not realize this, but ensuring your NAP is easily located and in text form can mean the difference between not only website visitors contacting or buying from you, but also Google and other directories having any chance of indexing your business information. Such an important piece of business advertising and ability to contact also includes local directories, websites, and other contact lists which all follow the same guidelines or similar expectations for improving and functioning Local SEO.

Even given today’s modern internet technology, tools, and resources many businesses and website owners make the mistake of including their contact information (or NAP) in the form of an image or button. Unfortunately, the problem with doing this is that it will exclude your business and contact information on most search engines. Google “Spiders” (BOTS) are not designed to locate or identify such a method of contact-sharing, so make sure you – systematically – include your business contact information and address in the same, easy to read location on each of your web pages. To maximize exposure it’s best to keep this at the top left or right-side of each website page so that it’s the first thing your visitors and customers will see.

If it’s NOT up to date visitors will go elsewhere
For some reason, even as of 2016 many business owners still do not believe it’s worthwhile or that they have the time to correct or update their contact information on their website, search engines, or review sites. In turn, a lot of prospective and current customers will have a tough time reaching or viewing your website and business if it isn’t. In fact, it’s been proven that major search engines such as Google and Yahoo not only post your business details in their main search directory, but that they also give extra recognition and a higher rating for businesses that do – with accuracy.

The last thing you want is to mislead your customers by not including up to date or correct NAP. Not doing so may give your customers and prospective visitors the impression that you do not care if they have easy access to you. And in some cases lead them to believe you do not take pride or pay attention to details in the business or products you sell. No customer, prospective or current, wants to feel like you have something to hide. The last thing you want is for possible website visitors to think your company no longer exists, has moved on, or does not make a habit of standing behind its product and services.

Lastly, it’s worthwhile to consider this scenario: without an up to date NAP, inaccurate address, or even wrong spelling of your website and business, how can you expect customers to find or choose your business over others that don’t have these problems or inaccuracies?

Remember this, if not anything, an updated NAP and obvious commitment to keeping up to date information on your business goes both ways. Not only can it increase customers’ ability to file complaints or reviews, but also to give your business positive reviews, recognition, and in turn increase potential traffic to your website and business.

To check on the consistency of your your business NAP across multiple local directories use this link – https://localseotampa.com/local-seo-check-consistency-of-your-business-location-information/

Image credit: Local SEO Tampa