SEO And Linkbuilding

SEO And LinkbuildingLinkbuilding is never going to go away as a tool for SEO. It’s undergone one change after another, challenges from scammers and new search engine algorithm software to just plain good or bad luck.

Linkbuilding is the SEO practice of having links to one’s website from other sites thus making one’s website look more important to the search engines as valuable thus boosting the ranking of the site. It worked well in the old days but the process was compromised by crooks and other disreputable people. Search engines like Google had to come up with new software to battle these people thus keeping the SEO industry on its toes and constantly fighting to get the upper hand. It’s been a tedious and draining endeavor but only the strong survive. There are, however, tips that you can use to better your chances both now and in the near future.

First of all, remember, authoritative sites, sites of good reputation are your primary targets. You want these sites to link to you because the results can be the difference between success or failure.

Getting authoritative sites to link to you can be a daunting task. Asking for a link doesn’t hurt, but if your site isn’t on par with theirs regarding something of value, then they most likely won’t. You have to have something that really stands out, can boost their brand name, You’ll need to get their attention, plain and simple. This comes from either producing an industry related innovation, or commentary that’s beneficial to their bottom line and brand, or making yourself such a potential competitor, that they’ll want to friend up with you to avoid conflict. If this happens, make sure that the page on your site they link to is optimized for optimum ROI. A link from a top brand name authoritative site could be the make or break point. The more of these you have, the better off you are.

The long and tough road to getting inbound links of such importance is to produce engaging content. The kind of content that grabs attention on the social media websites. Authoritative sites have hundreds of people looking out for their best interest, especially investors and stockholders. They want everything that boosts their statistics, and if your site has that content that makes them look good, they may ask you to link to them and then you’ll really be in the catbird seat to negotiate a symbiotic link exchange that will be of utmost advantage to you.

Mind you, not all authoritative sites are the brand name sites of your industry or business interest. There are lots of specialized sites, run by experts and aficionados who draw in quite a large audience. Their sites not only get massive organic traffic, but they also get massive social media attention. Every time they post, a link to their site is posted, on that site a link to your site could be posted. This multiplies virally as people share that original post to their social media pages and venues. Such a massive return from an inbound link shows Google that people are interested in your site and their algorithms and AI, pick up that data and boost your rankings.

Remember, the big change is that people and top businesses link to you because of the quality of your site, and the primary factor is that the content you create, writing, videos, pics, graphics, grab the attention of the public and gets shared via social media. It all piles up and can take time, but linkbuilding this way is far more solid, far more dependable, and of exceptional ROI that you can’t ignore or underestimate.