SEO Needs Elbow Grease

SEO Needs Elbow GreaseIf you think SEO is some quick fly-by-night practice that you can do once and just let go then you’re in for a hard lesson. SEO calls for full-time work you have to put into it. It’s not a one magic bullet kind of thing but a mixture, a combination of techniques and technologies that can get as complicated as any programming can. This is why the application of SEO means studying, studying, studying, consulting a professional and lots of application. In other words, you’re going to have to put your ‘big boy pants’ on and do a job that calls for integrity, honesty, and sacrifice.
The issue here is in the multi-fold process by which SEO is built upon. You just don’t use keywords alone, you just don’t write copy or pics or videos. It’s all of these and more and you’ve not only got to produce enough of it on a regular basis, but your content has to be good, real good.

The good old’ days of spamming a site, putting up links and hiring cheap content producers are over. It’s been a long time coming but Google had to put a stop to it as they were getting complaints about their search engine results page. It got so bad that people started to turn away from Google and that’s when Google put their foot down. Their suite of SEO tools, all free, allow for webmasters and SEO experts to do SEO the right way with results that actually benefit the surfer, not rip them off.

The Google storm of cracking down has filled untold tens of millions of spammy websites. The devastation, incalculable. They deserved it. Web pages are supposed to service people, not exploit them. The workforce for content producers got cut down with only the strong rising to the top of the cream and better for it. Now surfers can find that special item, that much needed product or service.

So, this means today’s SEO pro, website content provider, and webmaster has to get productive. Make sure the basics of a website are in place, that it’s mobile compliant, ready for content that engages the reader. You want social media to find your site and talk it up. You need those ‘shares’ and ‘likes’ to come about and then make the best of them as the organic targeted traffic rolls in the door.

Now, get your teams together, expect to spend some extra money. Get an SEO specialist that knows how to answer questions and walk with you hand in hand. They’ll give you a set of guidelines that make for solid foundations to what you’re building upon. Hire copywriters. If you go to a website to hire some cheap copywriter from a third world country, it will show and Google will destroy you. They’re trying to end that kind of exploitation as it serves no one. Your work is cut out for you on this one. Sorry, but ‘cheap’ is not an option anymore.

Remember, SEO. Local SEO, lots of lengthy copy, funny and informative pictures, videos, and graphics, and respond to all communications to the sites. If you want to win the SEO game, you have to put some work into it. That’s right, it’s going to take some elbow grease to get what you want to be done from now on and if you think otherwise you’ll be in for a harsh lesson in life. The web needs quality, exceptional quality and if you think cutting things cheap to hedge your bets you’re betting on the wrong game and in the short and long term, it’s going to cost you dearly.