The Negative Effects of the Social Media

The social media boom has offered people with the opportunity to connect with each other from every corner of the world effortlessly. But using social network has led to the rise of several problems that needs immediate attention.

The inception of social networking sites has made it extremely difficult for people to distinguish between casual relationships and meaningful relationships. People devote a lot of time as well as psychic energy on such type of less meaningful relationships which weaken their important connections.

Social network can act as a medium for cyber-bullying. There are different people who pose as friends and exploit other people. Kids are especially prone to such type of activities as they are easy to impress. Such attacks can devastate the life as well as mental balance of different people. Cyber-bullying is spreading at a rapid pace and social media platform is in a way responsible for such activities.

These sites encourage people to share their personal details online which hamper their privacy to a great extent. Intimate details of lives are easy to post and generally come without filters which are employed while talking to some other person. Apart from that, most of these details stay for an indefinite period of time which although might seem harmless can cause lot of trouble in near future. Even though controls to users are provided by these sites but, people out of excitement generally tend to forget such limitations. Steps like these can prevent harassment in the future.