Things you Should Learn About SEO Right Away

Things You Need to Know About SEO NowEntering the world of search engine optimization (SEO) may make you feel intimidated. This is because there’s so much to learn and the amount of information continues to grow as Google makes new updates. While it’s true that there’s a learning curve in the beginning, once you move past this you simply need to stay caught up on the new tactics and strategies as they’re rolled out.

Before you start letting yourself feel too overwhelmed there’s one very important thing you must remember: While there are many different components here, each of them by themselves is quite simple. As such, when you break everything down to its core, it’s really easy to learn. With this in mind, here are the fundamentals you should learn first.

Domain and Page Authority

These are used to predict your website’s search rankings. They’re two different scores:

  • Domain authority: This is a proprietary score that states how “trustworthy” your domain is. It’s calculated based on your inbound links’ quantity and quality. The higher your domain authority, the higher you’ll rank in the SERPs.
  • Page Authority: This is similar to domain authority, but it’s page-specific. You can use this to strategically engineer a link architecture that favors some of your pages over others.

General On-Site Optimization

This is a collection of tactics that are geared towards making your website more visible. Most of them are quite simple to carry out. Some examples include:

  • Optimizing your titles and meta descriptions to make sure they include some of your targeted keywords
  • Make sure that you only use a minimal amount of code and that what you do use is clean
  • Providing plenty of relevant content on each page of your website

Content Marketing

Although many people think of content marketing distinctly from SEO, it’s actually a necessary element here as well. This is because only when you take the time to create high-quality content can you actually optimize for your keywords. Remember, this directly affects your website’s authority too because this is how you create a loyal audience who continues returning to your website. As such, you need to at least know the basics that are involved with content marketing.

Link Building

Your goal here is to gather links from other sites to your website by as natural of means as possible. One of the best ways of doing this is through guest posting.

Keyword Research

Although targeting keywords isn’t as important for SEO success today as it was in the past, you should still have a basic understanding of them. Today, Google places more weight on semantic and contextual understanding though.

The Technical Nuances

One of the most intimidating parts of SEO today is the technical part. Nevertheless, it’s essential. You shouldn’t be scared of it either since you can learn it without any programming or website development knowledge. This includes things like updating and replacing your robots.txt file and putting together your sitemap. There are lots of great tutorials available online to help you with things like this today.

With everything you have going on with your business, it’s important to consider whether you actually have time to learn all of these important lessons. Fortunately, if you answer “no,” you should know that there’s help available for your business from us at Local SEO Company. Since it’s our business to make sure that you’re running a successful business, you can trust us to know exactly what’s going on with your marketing campaign. In other words, you can trust your website’s SEO marketing to us and be glad you did.