Today’s Challenges for Small Businesses

Today's Challenges for Small BusinessesSimply opening a small business is a big achievement. However, once this achieved, there’s an even bigger challenge: maintaining that business. This is because there are several small business challenges every business must face (e.g. hiring the correct employees, building the brand). These are things that most of the larger companies have long outgrown.

Depending on Clients

When over half of your income is made up by a single client, you’re a contractor, not a small business. Even though having a client who pays on time is great, you must diversify no matter what or you’ll suffer from a long-term handicap. Not facing this small business challenge head on means that if this client ever slacks, everyone in your business will be hurt by it.

Managing Money

Another one of the many small business challenges you’ll face is ensuring that you have enough cash to cover your bills. Here it’s vital for your small business to either be heavily capitalized or able to pick up extra income when necessary. This explains why so many small business owners initially still hold a job while starting their business. While this split focus is challenging, it does ensure that money is continually flowing into the business. To manage this money flow, you should hire a professional since each new employee and new client will make money management even more challenging.


Regardless of how passionate you are, long hours and the constant pressure to perform can wear you out. You may even be anxious about how your business will do if you aren’t present, so you choose not to take some time off. This can lead you to make rash decisions – even thinking of abandoning it entirely. As such, you must find a pace that keeps the business rolling without burning you out.

Depending on the Founder

When your business can’t operate without you being there, you have a major issue. Don’t let your business be completely dependent on you. Giving some control to your partners and employees will really help here but compromising on your work’s quality is difficult to do sometimes.

Balancing Quality and Growth

Even if your business isn’t completely dependent upon you, there may still come a time when the issues that stem from growing your business will seem to outweigh the benefits of doing so. When you reach this point, you may discover that it’s time to do away with a service or product so you can scale your business. For instance, it may now be impossible for you to manage each and every relationship your business has with its customers or to inspect every individual product that you sell. While you may feel that doing these things is what’s helped your business become as successful as it is today, becoming stuck in these areas will be detrimental to your company’s growth. Instead, it’s important for you to find the middle ground between poor workmanship and an unhealthy obsession with your product’s quality. When you encounter this small business challenge, you must navigate your business’ processes toward a compromise that’ll allow you to continue scaling without harming your brand.

The Bottom Line

It’s vital for you to think about the small business challenges you’re bound to face before you even open your doors for business. Although we’ve already looked at many of these challenges, there’s one more thing you must consider: One of the many small business challenges you’ll face is the task of online advertising. Instead of taking on another task and burning yourself out, leave it in the hands of the professionals at Local SEO Tampa Company. Once you form a working relationship with them, you’ll be glad you did.