Video Marketing Is An Excellent SEO Tactic

Video Marketing Is An Excellent SEO TacticVideo is what drives the internet nowadays. Video sites are all over the place with billions of hours of content produced every year and climbing. This is why the SEO industry and its professionals have to know how to produce videos and market them smartly.

Videos go viral and in today’s online markets, you either go viral or you go nowhere. You don’t need to go viral every day of the week, but frequently enough so that you can make good of the results.

Th tricks to using video content to get better search engine results relies on just some basic fundamentals and knowing what Google and YouTube are accepting. Nowadays, Google’s algorithms change more frequently and that means SEO experts are always on their toes. Missing out on the latest algorithms and their criteria can mean success or failure, however, video content can get you a good foothold and avoid a lot of problems.

First of all, make sure the video content is informative. Today’s video content posted on YouTube can contain embedded links to your websites, blogs, or other videos. Get a YouTube channel set up under your brand name so that you can upload a number of videos like a mini network. These videos should be created regularly, at least once a month and posted both on YouTube and then on your blogs or websites. Post the vids to your Google account, again with links to your blogs and such. Make sure the titles of the videos explains what the video is about and get a wee bit creative but not go overboard with descriptions.

Once you’ve got the hang of how to produce videos and post them, you can then gauge them via your social networking pages like on Facebook. Post those vids as content on your pages and also post them in comments on other people’s newsfeeds but only if the videos are relevant to the conversation. Don’t spam, it will get you in some trouble.

Videos that show “how to” or explain new and popular trends will get populated higher faster as long as they don’t have spammy or misleading links. It’s all about quality and reliability as well as knowing your playground that will turn your video content into valuable assets.

As an added bonus to today’s video marketing, you can fine tune and tweak things for local SEO. If you live in a city or town where you need to get clients or customers, then do videos that focus on those areas. Take video of landmarks and maybe interview some locals and especially happy clients. When people in your area see your videos they’ll feel more comfortable about seeing what you have to offer in regard to service. Populate your videos and descriptions with the name of your town or city, county, state and get precise. Don’t let one landmark get away. If there’s a landmark like some George Washington building or something, then mention it in your video and copy. Also, if possible, add the names of local teams not as your representing them but as you rooting for them. Fans will appreciate it and feel like you’re one of them.

There are many tricks and techniques here regarding video marketing so take your time and do a good job and you’ll see the benefits roll in.