Where SEO will be in recent future?

A person posed this question to Cutts, leader of Google engineers, early this month. The video answer by Mr. Cutts reveals that Google, Inc. is going to introduce several updates and changes in the recent future.

Google has almost completed it work on Peguin and the updated algorithm would be launched as Penguin 2.0. About Penguin 2.0, Mr. Cutts urged all users to report as many spam to Google as they find because that helps the search-engine to improve its algorithms.

From the perspective of SEO, Mr. Cutts recommended the creation of efficient websites as the top requirement. The website should have good and comprehensive contents, which should be first shared with all the people who are known to the firm or the developer. Thus, the promotion has to be steadily graduated.

Second, Google wants to check advertorials that defy its quality guidelines. Simple statement about this is that PageRank should be flown by paid reviews. Besides, new methods of link analysis are also being researched upon.

Third, Google wants new modes to inform webmasters regarding hacking and malware so that webmasters can easily access the information and take necessary steps.

Fourth, Google wants to identify authority websites independently of their level of optimisation. Adjustment of algorithms for the same is under process.

Fifth, Google does not want its search results to show repetitive results from a single domain. Thus, it can be found which websites rank for what keywords.

Lastly, Google wants to give more information to webmasters to allow them examine their websites. This clearly means that SEO would be quite a task in the recent future.