Why Having Your Social Media & SEO Teams Communicate Is So Crucial

Why Having Your Social Media & SEO Teams Communicate Is So CrucialOnline marketing is a very funny business, sometimes you can profit and laugh all the way to the bank, and other times you won’t be so lucky. If there’s one thing that just about every single online market can agree upon it’s the fact that SEO and social media teams need to work together, because that’s really the only way that you’re going to put together a campaign that’s really going to hit home.

Leverage is the main word to focus on here, especially since getting as many eyes as you possibly can on you content is what you’re shooting for. There’s usually some sort of disconnection between both the SEO and social media teams, and that’s really not going to work out in your best interests when all is said and done. When your SEO team and your social media managers can actually come together and communicate efficiently it’s going to be something truly beautiful, and here are a few reasons why you should make sure it happens to matter what.

  1. The SEO team isn’t produce quality that is up to the standards for the social media team – When you have a brand to represent you can’t have low-quality content, it’s just something that you can’t stand for. If you’re willing to pay for high quality content (or even if you’re already doing so) it should really come through in the writing, if it doesn’t happen than the social media team might need to have a word or two with the SEO branch. Social media marketing needs to be a focus if you want to make money as well.

If the problem of content quality keeps occurring there needs to be some sort of regime switch at some point, you might actually need to find an entirely different SEO company to have faith in.

  1. Your SEO provider isn’t working within the social media teams content vision – The vision your social media team has in their mind needs to come to life if you’re going to be making money, so make sure both teams are on the same page before you follow through with any SEO-related demands. This is an important part that tons of people forget to take care of before starting to push their campaigns.
  2. Objective goals – Whenever the two teams have a different set of goals there is going to be a few problems on your way to the finish line. If your teams aren’t properly prepared to handle anything that comes their way than you’re going to be stuck in a pickle of sorts, which is why communication is key. Whenever your teams communicate they’re going to be able to set goals that complement each other, and you’ll ultimately understand why that’s so important when you do it for yourself.

You need to have your teams working together if you want to win the championship, just look at the entire ordeal as if it were a sports team. Everybody needs to be working together in order to truly succeed.