10 Effective Tips on Ethical Link Building for Local SEO

10 Effective Tips on Ethical Link Building for Local SEOWhite hat link building which essentially has to do with creating original and relevant content backed by remediation of technical issues plaguing websites is now all the rage in the realm of local SEO. Google which has become synonymous with ‘search engine’ has, since the past few years, been perpetually updating its algorithms. The parameters or standards for ranking websites on SERPs using complex algorithms are being occasionally restructured in order to offer a level-playing field to all websites whenever Google embarks on an SEO drive. Abide by the ensuing 10 ethical link building guidelines if you’re earnest about your site being viewed favorably by Google with respect to local SEO.

1. Enrich your blogs with quality content

Being ubiquitous online so that your product or service is subscribed to by the maximum number of users or customers is your ultimate goal. Towards this end, you’d be on a firm footing if you introduce content in web pages and blogs that highlight the versatility of your ware or service. See to it that the content clearly expresses the benefits that your niche segment will have if they opt for the product or service. Temper content with infographics that have the potential of becoming viral on automated social media eventually promoting your brand and helping in link building.

2. Research on Close Competitors

Make the most of any robust back linking scanning tool, say Majestic for finding out the local SEO keywords that some of your closest competitors are using. Thereafter, research on the keywords you’re targeting and study the first 10-15 results on SERPs. Market your portal aggressively for connecting with a potential linking partner.

3. Brandish your achievements and felicitations

Don’t be shy of beating your own drum across the online realm. In other words, publish images or pictures of any felicitations or awards you may have received. Also encourage your customers to share their achievements that’ll go a long way in helping you with link building.    

4.Be active offsite as well

You’ll be creating a positive impact if you routinely contribute articles and reports to third-party portals related to your segment. Send at least two articles or write-ups to journals, magazines, and periodicals focusing on the industry you’re in.

5. Organize sweepstakes and prize draws

Another useful way to earn backlinks is to organize prize draws and sweepstakes that’ll tempt users or your customers to participate simply for the chance or opportunity to win something. Offer some worthwhile giveaways, like movie tickets for a current release in return for participating in a questionnaire and publish it across the social platforms.

6. Be seen on directory listings

You’ll just need to pay $199 and $84 just once in a year to be listed on Yext and Moz respectively. The ROIs that you’ll reap will surprise you pleasantly.

7. Be charitable and philanthropic

You’ll not have to embark on a painstaking research to find out local NGOs or NPOs whose websites have donor or contributor pages. You can consider donating an amount as small as $50 this Christmas to such an NGO for becoming your link building partner.

8. Have widgets or quizzes on your site

Contrary to what you may think, there are many users or prospects who’d be more than willing to play entertaining games or participate in quizzes as well as share the same.

9. Find the balance between technique and tactics

Establish a seamless balance between link building technique and the methods or approaches you apply to achieve improved local SEO results.

10. Highlight errors on competitors’ sites and earn brownie points    

Notify webmasters of broken links on your site or other websites and dangle alternatives for linking to your portal.