2016 And Google: Doing SEO Right

Doing SEO Right in 2016As has been stated over and over again, SEO has been taking a turn for the better now that Google is focusing its software on scouring the web of spammy, useless, and low quality websites. This means that for the year 2016, there are things you’ll need to do if you want to rank well on Google, and lucky for us all, it means being honest, professional, entertaining, and useful.

Let’s be blunt here. Google and the other search engines have come to realize that if the surfer isn’t happy, money gets lost. Plain and simple. What makes the surfer happy? It’s websites that are useful, professional, honest, entertaining, and trouble free.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how this works. It’s about having the integrity to do the best job you can and not make a surfer’s life miserable. It’s about providing service that makes surfers excited that they’ve found your site and can use it to further their goals whether it be to purchase useful products, expand their educations, or just to have a great time.

There are things you can do right now to make it higher in the search engines, but you have to be honest. No Black Hat tricks and no trying to get great content on the cheap side. Many a Google News site are finding out that hiring cheap writers is detrimental and destructive to business overall. Those sites are dropping like flies as the owners’ only goal is to build cookie cutter Google News sites, show they make an income monthly via ads, and then they flip them to unsuspecting buyers who find out all too late that they’ve been ripped off.

These kinds of practices ruin things for everyone.

In your case, make sure your site loads fast enough and has enough security. Going for the cheap web hosting company will pay off in disaster. Google will see this and rank you lower. They only want the best for their surfers.
Create great content.

Content is king. Let no one dissuade you on that. Hire or produce the best copywriting you can. Make sure it’s lively, informative, and entertaining. Don’t fall for the scam of hiring sloppy, cheap, writers from overseas. They’re just not able to fool Google and Google will penalize you for it. The same goes for pics and videos. Don’t just slap up blurry and unprofessional pics and videos, pick or produce the ones that serve a purpose to your overall site. Tag and describe them properly with the right keywords but don’t overload the site with your keywords or Google will see this as ‘keyword stuffing’ and kick your teeth in.

Study and train.

SEO is an ever changing landscape. The rules, tactics, techniques, software, can change at any minute. You need to be on top of the industry changes and take that extra time to study and make things go right. If you are having a tough learning curve, then slow down, take a breather and start again. Let no term or concept slip by your understanding. Spend the extra time experimenting to see if your approaches are fruitful. Don’t just leap in without looking. SEO is an acquired skill and has specific foundation guidelines to follow, yet affords room for inspired innovation.

Overall, 2016 is going to be a watershed year for SEO. The old ways of doing SEO are dying and emphasis is being put on professionalism. It’s the way business should be.