A Modern Guide To Google Reviews

A Modern Guide to Google ReviewsIt’s the 21st century, and if that means anything for business it means that having positive Google reviews is a must. Lots of positive reviews on google are a great way to gain the trust of potential consumers. Mostly because they are more likely to trust their fellow consumers than the companies they’re buying from. So, how exactly do you go about building your business’s online profile with Google reviews? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all formula, but in this article, we’ll go over some of the best ways to get your business more reviews on Google.

Why are Google Reviews Important?

Reviews are the first thing most people look at when deciding what service or product to purchase. Even if they don’t scroll down a page, the average star rating will have a huge impact on whether a consumer even gives your product a second look. In today’s market, a product without a star rating or reviews is often seen as suspicious. Reviews are how you gain the trust of your customers, and they’re how you gain many new customers. They’re a way to see what other consumers think, rather than just seeing the positive advertising from a company. A Google star rating will show up in search results for your service, so it’s important to make a good impression.

Asking for Reviews

The simplest and easiest way to get more reviews is to ask your customers to leave Google reviews. It may sound straight forward, but it’s also easy to forget. There are a few ways to ask clients for reviews, which one you use will depend on how your company operates. If you’re on the phone with clients, mention it at the end of the call. You can add a note at the end of a bill asking them to leave a Google review, or reach out to past customers to ask if they’re satisfied.

Showing How to Give Reviews

Some clients will know how to leave a review, but many of them will have no idea. So, it’s important to leave instructions on how to do so when you ask for a review. If you’re sending the request in an email, simply make sure to include the step-by-step process as follows:

1. Sign in to your Google/Gmail account

2. Search for the company name on google (you could also include a link for them to follow instead)

3. Click “Leave a Review”

4. Select a star rating

5. Write your thoughts on the product or service

6. Click Submit to finish

It may seem unnecessary but walking reviewers through the process makes it much easier for them, and in turn, makes them more likely to leave a review.

One way to shorten the process is by simply sending customers a link directly to the review page with your request for a review. You can do so by searching your company name and going to the Google reviews. Then, click “Write a Review” and copy the URL in its entirety. Use this link to send your clients straight to the review page.

What About Bad Reviews?

Can you control if someone leaves a negative review of your company? The short answer is no, not really. However, there are some steps you can take if you feel like a review is untruthful or intentionally misleading to other potential customers. The first thing to do if you get a dishonest review is to report it. This flags it for content moderators to take a second look at it and decide if it’s inappropriate. To report a review, you can simply flag it as inappropriate, or go to Google for support. Simply go to your Google My Business (GMB) dashboard and go to the support page. This page is where you can submit a legal request through Google to have the review permanently removed. However, make sure you’re paying attention to your negative feedback so that you can improve as well, rather than simply trying to shut it down.


Google reviews are a great and easy way to grow your business and there are a few easy ways to get more of them. Always ask your customers to leave you a Google review, and make sure they know how to do it easily. For more help with getting reviews and other SEO marketing, contact Local SEO Tampa Company.