Advices on Effective SEO Strategies for the Year 2013

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For better visibility and online recognition it is essential for website owners to adopt successful SEO strategies to reach new heights in 2013. Even though the changing rules and new technologies make it difficult for website owners to come up with the perfect strategies every time but through proper assessment and research it can definitely be achieved.

One of the most important factors in SEO is providing quality content. There should be no compromise regarding the content quality as the aim is to offer end users with top class content. The use of same ‘keyword’ phrase or ‘keyword’ must be averted as it can lead to penalization from Google. Four or five ‘keyword’ phrases or ‘keyword’ can be used as anchor text with mixing words to diversify it.

Link building strategies that are non-ethical face major penalization from Google. Guest Post is the preferred way to achieve natural backlink. Website owners can guest post many times with quality content for getting increased backlink to the website.

Social networking sites are a huge hit these days. The search algorithm of search engines constitutes social signals that decide SERP ranking. Positive responses from people can be achieved by building powerful social profile which ultimately helps in SERP ranking. But the most important task is to include unique quality content in the blog/website for effective SEO implementation. Site maps are important for every website and helps in site indexing. Structurally uncomplicated URL’s should be included and excessive keywords should not be included in URL’s.