Answers of Matt Cutts that Reveal More Secrets about SEO

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Recently Matt Cutts replied a few questions that different people pose to him on various aspects of SEO. Although these answers were directed towards those who asked them, they provide adequate emphasis on website optimization  The good thing is that all those questions were interesting and would compel readers to read the answer too. For instance, some from YouTube was interested to know Matt’s expectation with Google Search after a decade from present. Matt replied that, obviously, Google will be smarter. It is expected to get integrated completely with augmented reality tools. Voice Search will, most probably, be included as well. Moreover, Google may have the ability then to synthesis information according to search query entered by users.

The impact of blocking Google from crawling into JavaScript was sought through the second question. While Matt cleared the use of nofollow tags, he disapproved the overall concept of blocking Google from JavaScript. This is due to the fact that Google gathers knowledge about websites and every webpage, which is beneficial for websites’ ranks.

The last question that should be mentioned here is regarding site downtime. Matt explained in his answer websites eventually regain their rank if they come up without unexpected loss features. Websites that have been victims of downtime need only time to rise. Notably, they recover quite quicker than expectation.

More SEO news will feature by next week; so, stay tuned.