SEO Solutions from Matt Cutts, Google Head in Webspams

Matt Cutts, Google’s webspam head, came with some solutions in Youtube for questions in regards to SEO. The primary among these questions is whether texts will forever play a vital role in websites for years to come. Many users faced quite a problem when they tried to insert more images than the number of texts in their sites, facing the problem of reduction in the rate of bounce.

He came up with ideas as how one can effectively use the “Alt” tag and Google Web Fonts both of which can make their content more visible in search engines and the goodness of a great web design, which enables the user in making those websites more interactive and also helps in increasing the traffic.

Several questions also crept in regarding nofollow, a common one being the difference in developing legally-approved links to sites by not using nofollow links or developing paid links. In the meantime Google always tries to be extra cautious when dealing with links that are paid. As the thing comes with serious repercussions, it doesn’t believe in penalizing a website in the absence of a proper “proof” or justification. One needs to practice their work in an honest and ethical way, and everything else will get put in their proper place.

Another thing is that one easily gets caught in the fine details of the SEO as it is a tricky subject in itself. In such cases, one should go one step backwards for a change and “admire” the bigger picture from a distance.