Choosing Your Price Point for SEO Content

Choosing Your Price Point for SEO ContentPeople who provide content management to SEO agencies are constantly being asked what they charge. Regardless of how they answer this question, they’re often told that they’re charging either too much or too little. This makes one wonder if anyone knows the true value of good content today.

The Importance of Finding Good Writers

When you consider your ROI, you’ll probably discover that writing content yourself isn’t a good investment of your time. Once you realize this, you must decide if you want to outsource your content management or hire someone in-house to take care of it for you.

There are a multitude of options when you choose to outsource – everything from Fiverr to Facebook and everyone from college students to work at home moms. Unfortunately, not all writers will provide you with the same great content. When you hire someone from a non-English speaking country or you hire an industry expert who isn’t a writer, you’re bound to run into issues.

Different abilities isn’t the only issue you’ll encounter. Differing price points also exist. These are usually based on the type of content you want written, the writer’s experience, how much content you need, and how much SEO optimization you require.

Making the Investment

When you hire a good writer, it shouldn’t all come down to how much they charge. You want someone who can produce tangible results – something that will ultimately justify the cost, regardless of what the cost is. To understand the value that content management brings to your business you must engage in conversion tracking and gather customer testimonials.

As you engage in these activities, you’ll be able to answer another important question: “Quality vs. Quantity. This is important because you’ll find some writers who are competing based on the high quality of articles they provide, hence their prices are a bit higher. Others are competing on the basis of price, which means they’re creating more content at a lower price than what their competition is charging. Although it’s ideal to find a low-cost, high-quality writer once the writer realizes their worth and what their competition is charging, they may increase their rates.

Ultimately, what you pay will depend upon your end goal and the results you’re hoping to generate. If you’re only trying to attract links or improve your SEO you may not be willing to pay as much for it as what you’re willing to pay for content that you’re using for other purposes. Of course, links and traffic are rarely the end goal of SEO content whereas you’re probably more concerned with increasing your leads and sales. When you think of things this way, you’re able to justify paying more money for content management.

These considerations make it somewhat challenging to budget properly for SEO content. You can’t depend on a value-based pricing structure. Instead you’ll need to know what a good writer is going to charge you up front. This is why some people will tell you that this is a risky investment.

The Going Rate for Content Management Today

As you sort through these things, you’ll find that writers will charge anywhere from two cents per word USD to $2 per word USD. This is because the market sets the rate, meaning that when there’s a higher demand for content writers will charge more. Doing so can enable them to create a lucrative business for themselves.

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