Earning Those Local SEO Links For Success

Earning Those Local SEO Links For SuccessThe ever growing battle for local SEO results may call for changing your game plan for the better.

First of all, the old fashioned way of link building is on the way out.  Google’s penguin algorithm is putting an end to tall that and fast.  The reason for it is because Google wants its surfers to find the most relevant links and sites instead of the marketing spam that permeates the web so much in the past.  Google is on a manhunt to penalize such sites and if you’re still using the old techniques of black hat techniques you might as well stop and so so quick.

Not only are the old dirty tricks getting the axe for websites that use them, but some of the tried and true techniques are getting a work over as well.  Most SEO experts will tell you to only get links from or set up links to authority sites.  That’s all well and good, but if your site isn’t worthy of them, Google will know about it.  It’s all about content marketing, not to be confused with making just content.

See, Google knows this technique by weaker sites or marketing sites to link to or buy or get links from authority sites to boost their rankings.  What marketers and webmasters are missing out regarding local SEO is that those smaller, low ranking sites can be and are just as important.  There’s a real strategy here and we’ll take a look at why.

Those small sites that are in your region or locale may not be winners in the overall best website design categories, but they offer pretty much spot on local targeting as they’re focused more on locale than trying to be big shot global or national players. Think of it as the building you’re making needs little bricks as well as the big cinder blocks.  Those little bricks add up to a lot in the structure and look of the building.  You might not be able to carve your name in them like a cornerstone, but you can carve an arrow pointing to the top of the building with your name on it.

These smaller sites in your region will have a wealth of information and value.  For example, let’s say your business is focused on pet care.  Your shop is medium to large and you’re promoting it to the world.  If you miss adding data to your locale, people searching for your goods and services will not find you and end up in your competitor’s laps.  These smaller sites will have their locations, photos, videos, contact info, and tags that when linked to you, will send extra traffic and revenue.  Google will see this and you’ll end up increasing your authority.

The trick to it all is doing some detective work on your own.  Look at your competitor’s sites and sites that feature famous landmarks and events in your area.  Analyze what’s important and link to them and ask for links back.  Perhaps even share friendly reviews with one another on the review sites as this is also a good place for Google to see that people care and are interested in your business.

Do things carefully, honestly, and diligently and things should work out fine.