How To Get Your Blogging On The Right Way

How To Get Your Blogging On The Right WaySince blogging is one of the most expansive areas of expression on the web, knowing how to maximize the potential for notoriety and revenue calls for some smart tactics.

Many do their blogs on WordPress.  WordPress has a massive amount of tools that make blogging fun, but calls for studying as for the newbie, it can be an intimidating task.  There are tutorials at the WordPress site as well as on YouTube and a number of sites.

Doing SEO for your blog means knowing first and foremost, that you know what you’re dong or you’ll end up looking like a rookie and getting penalized by the search engines.  Not to  mention some bad reviews and comments from the social media groups.  Reputation is of paramount issue here.

Blogging about any subject is going to bring about contradictory comments but that’s for the political sites. If you’re doing business, then you’ll avoid the politics and hot button issues.  You need to get your blog posts out there, promote yourself, and take advantage of the best venues available.

The reason for this is, if you’re not using the right SEO tactics, you’re just bleeding traffic, money, authority, and more.  Good copywriting in your niche will rise to the top with proper keywords and keyphrases.  Studying what your competitors are doing and adjusting your strategy to outdo them is essential.  This doesn’t mean beating them into the ground, but by using ethical, good, and fundamental procedures.

One good tactic is to use LinkedIn to its fullest potential.  It’s just a simple thing of copying a post on your blog and publishing it on LinkedIn.  That’s it! LinkedIn will publish it, then if they like it, you’ll get major traffic and you know what to do with that traffic.  Just read up on what LinkedIn can do and you’ll be amazed at the potential.

Use SEO plugins.  These work great on WordPress, there are a many of them out there so just look at the great reviews and then go for it.  These plugins will show you how and what to tag properly.  Once you get the hang of using a plugin, especially on a WordPress blog, you’ll be having fun and seeing the kind of results that matter.

Set up your blog posts with the proper headlines that contain the keywords and keyphrases you’re targeting.  The reason for this I for easier indexing and authority.  You can then find your posts like surfers do and see the effects of your efforts easily.  Remember, think like a surfer.  Put yourself in their place, and title your posts to what the general population would look for, not just those that are knowledgeable in your area.  In other words, don’t geek-speak your readers to death.  You want to attract both professionals and average folks.  Answer those questions they have on a particular subject or get engagement that will lead to shares, comments, and more.

When it comes to videos, think in corporate terms.  Why put a YouTube video on Facebook when you can use Facebook’s own video embed?  Facebook and other sites will favor their own technologies and tactics over others.  They don’t want to bleed traffic to the competition too much so customize your efforts in favor of the host.

Write articles for other people’s blogs.  If you’re a pro at fishing or let’s say chess, then get work either writing and posting to their blogs or even volunteering to do so if it’s a blog of note.  Your name, links to your sites and content will appear, thus leading to greater views and authority.

There are so many variations to a theme here, that you just need to apply some common sense and solid know how.