Fine Tuning Your Local SEO Pages

Fine Tuning Your Local SEO PagesIt’s not been understated that one has to have a local SEO campaign going on. It is imperative that you spend as much time with local SEO as you do with your standard SEO and more so.

This goes for every page on your site. Let no chance escape to implement a local SEO strategy. Google lists webpages not sites so you need to have each and every page on your site optimized for local data. Yes you’ll also need lead and landing pages with local SEO but the bottom line here is that you need to know what to do and why.

Along with the swift growth of mobile SEO, local SEO had been far too overlooked but now the results are in and they’re saying that if you don’t use local SEO you’re on losing ground. It’s not too difficult to start though by using sound and sane SEO but tweaking to take advantage of your location.

Like a regular webpage, you’ll have your title and keywords and H1/H2 tags, pics, videos, copy. The difference is that with local SEO you add the name of your location, street address, phone number, email and content that showcases how your business interacts with the local scene. You want your site and business to be the go-to site for everything related to your business, goods, and services in your area. That means incorporating the town, city, street, and any areas of celebrity note such as sports teams or social and historical events.

The next thing is applying all that local data in ways that builds your local SEO framework and that’s where the hard work comes in.
The amount of work to be done can be daunting. It really takes an SEO professional to do all this but we’ll look at the basics so you’ll have an idea of what’s to come.

Your site has to be laid out professionally. That it will load fast and is mobile friendly. Your titles should include your products, services, company name, location, and what you do. Add those contact data bits to photos, pics, and copy. Headlines and sub-heads are priceless in this regard. You don’t want to keyword stuff, but you want add a keen sense of placement where placement is required.

Links should be quality over quantity and from authority sites. Social media SEO is another factor. You want people to come to your site and interact. Google likes this as it appears that your site is where people go regarding the subject content found on your site. Authoritative organic links are what you’re looking for on one level, but you also want that tsunami of click through links that are organic in nature.

Your landing pages are also where you’ll need to do some local SEO wizardry. Your landing pages will either bring people in to click, confuse them, or drive them away. You want your landing pages as far up the ranks for your keywords, keygroups, and keyphrases as possible. A fine sense of how to use copy and graphics to establish a call-to-action strategy that makes the most of your efforts.

It’s all about attention and action and that’s what we’re talking about here.

There’s lots to do, parameters to establish the proper way, follow up analysis, industry chat, and lots of hard work. SEO isn’t like it used to be. It’s grown into both a science and art and that’s what’s propelled today’s webmaster, marketer, and SEO aficionado into a new world of high tech tools and traditional skills.

Image credit: Local SEO Tampa