Getting The Most From Multiple Local SEO Campaigns

Getting The Most From Multiple Local SEO CampaignsOne of the problems that many businesses have that operate at multiple locations is getting the right traffic regarding each locale. People can get confused as they’ll search for a brand name store and end up in the wrong location.

You don’t want your customers stymied about where you are so you need to get you Local SEO campaigns handled in a way that all your stores can benefit from the right traffic.

First of all, don’t do generic websites for your stores. Yes, keep your logo and a light basic them, but don’t cookie cutter your sites. Google indexes webpages not websites so every page of your site has to be optimized with all your pertinent data, and when it comes to Local SEO, it means you had better fine tune things as you’re using your locale as the keyword to your site. Make your multiple websites ‘part of the family’ so to speak. Your main company website should link to and discuss your various locations with distinct copy, picks, videos, commentary, and perhaps reviews. Sort of like building a web. This way your local stores will be getting fed via the parent company in more ways than one. For each store have a social media account and blog particular to that store and location. Interact with the public this way so that when people are looking for one of your stores, commentators can send out links to that particular store or a link to the parent or anchor site’s link menu.

Of course making sure that your contact data is located on every one of your pages is important. Make no mistakes here. It must accompany all correspondence and any blog posts and social media posts where applicable.

Personalize your sites. Your site in Chicago, Illinois should have a focus on Chicago along with your store and it’s products and services. Mentioning local events and sports, news of the day, nothing confrontational and stay out of politics and religion. Focus on celebrations, celebrities, and of course, get those testimonials from satisfied customers that come via social medial. Facebook is perfect for this because Google will see the testimonial coming from Facebook, pre-screened against spam and acting as a helpful step to other surfers.

Remember, you’re trying to do multiple things at the same time and that means paying close attention to what you’re doing so that you can reach all the goals simultaneously without mounting any errors or penalties via Google. Google has tutorials and tools for you to do great SEO and Local SEO. Read up on them and see how they can be applied. A website shouldn’t be some static thing but something that is alive and kicking with helpful tips, hints, deals, sales, timely communication. This all rounds out to a site and its webpages that people can rely on.

Once all this is done, each of your locations should have a site of their own that stands out and works in tandem with the main site and other sites. People will then be able to find your store in their particular location with ease and your traffic and sales will increase along with your search engine rankings.

Keep things simple, but make sure each site says something unique about its store location and you should do well down the line.

Image credit: Local SEO Tampa Company