Fine Tuning Your Website For Local SEO

Fine Tuning Your Website For Local SEOIt’s often that the reason something isn’t successful is because some fundamental things are overlooked, and statistics are not observed nor acted upon. When the basic things aren’t taken seriously, you end up building your sites on shaky ground.
First of all you need to know who is buying what, how are they buying it, and at what frequency, time of day, day of the week, and where they come from. So for example if on a Monday at 3 pm you get 3 sales, all from Twitter, then you know you need to pay more attention to Twitter and why you got the sales. From here you can predict what might happen if the trend continues. Look at all the things involved. When you Tweeted, was it at 1 pm or 2 pm? Was it a hashtag or a general Tweet? Once you whittle down what you did right, you can see if you can improve on things.

Statistics also tell us what devices were used to access your site and what the percentages of actions are. If your site isn’t mobile friendly then you’re missing out on the fastest growing venue for reaching the public and making sales. People in general didn’t like the geeked out computing of the 90’s and 00’s. All they wanted to do was surf the web, talk on the phone, take pics, share pics, watch movies, and play music. Now that the smartphones are here and every powerful with lots of features, people have dropped big computers altogether. Desktops and laptops are rapidly becoming things of the past and on top of that, their prices are dropping like a rock. With that many people now on mobile, your website has to be mobile friendly and Google can help you with that and how to incorporate it in your business.

You’ll need to take advantage of online reviews. Encourage customers and clients to go to these review sites by putting up links to them on your website and in social media. Once you’ve tallied up enough good reviews you’ll see your site’s rankings increase. This is especially important for local SEO as you will want to include all pertinent location, phone number and contact information in these reviews. Let your customers and clients know that they should mention the location even if it is in your profile at the review site. Review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google+ Local, are essential for boosting your local SEO results.

This is why sites that have webmastering tools like Google has, are of such vital importance. They dig deep into the stats and provide a better vision of what is going on and what one might expect. After scouring the statistics you can then better adjust and fine tune your site to best take advantage. Don’t fall back on old techniques or do something miserable like using black Hat techniques. The only thing that will happen is you’ll get banned by Google and penalized so bad you might not even be able to find your on website with your own computer.