Having The Right Mindset To Battle In The SEO, Local SEO War

Having The Right Mindset To Battle In The SEO, Local SEO WarEvery month it seems the SEO and local SEO game plan changes and marketers and webmasters are challenged to their wits end to stay on top of their game and not only survive, but thrive.
It’s a war out there and if you don’t have a clear outlook, the right mindset to approach the industry, you’ll be in big trouble that will cost you considerably and may be irreparable.

You’ve got to set a list of priorities from the start, a way to establish that you’ve the fortitude and sane approach that achieves results. One’s own personal work ethic is the priority here and being lazy, procrastinating, listening to nonsensical advice will only get you a beat down.

You’re going to win is your first step. Failure is not an option. You’re confident in your skills but not arrogant enough to think you know everything. You have your ability to know your industry, the technologies and tools involved and you’ve studied and are willing to continue to study. You are open to constructive criticism and aren’t fallible to your own ego when someone points out an error on your part. You stay on top of industry changes, software updates, professional news. You exude an air of confidence and competency to your clients who know that your SEO and local SEO strategies are sound. You have the patience required of that of a professional and perfectionist. You don’t rush in or make rash decisions. You think things through and apply both theory and practical with objective viewpoints and are willing to change, not only to adapt, but to dominate.

You’re courteous and cordial to you clients and customers. You treat them with respect but you don’t let them run roughshod all over you. You assure them that the advice and actions you undertake are in their best interest, with a focus on high quality and profits that are equitable and consistent, with room for growth and monitoring so that when stats dip now and then, you’ve got a bead on efficiency and remind your clients that you’re both a better team by being in great communication and good cheer.

You never, ever try to deceive your clients, nor yourself. Honesty is the best policy. You want your clients and customers to trust you, but don’t go overboard and look like some groveling snit. You want to present professionalism and confidence, not bootlicking flexibility.

Don’t ever let yourself think that you can rest on your laurels. What has worked well up until now might be disadvantageous to you at any moment. Just look at the big changes that Google has undertaken in the past year alone. They’ve thrown so many curves at SEO and local SEO marketers to the point of total chaos at times. If you’re not able to adapt, to change your game in the middle of play, then your stubbornness will be your undoing.

Be a willing part of your industry’s community. Be a leader if need be. This will allow you to input your expertise to help build the industry to one of effectiveness. Your clients will see you as a brand name and proactive at that. They’ll feel that you’re at the apex of the industry and know where all the action is.

Finally, remember that you’re marketing but using SEO and local SEO to do so. If you lose sight of that fact you’re headed for trouble. Marketing is a whole ‘nother animal calling for multiple skills and disciplines that have to be adapted into the latest computer and online technologies and tactics and techniques. It’s still the same old song and dance where you need to be able to actually sell something, and that means talent.

So get your mind in gear and a solid, sane outlook on your local SEO and SEO career and you’ll do just fine.