Getting A Handle On Your SEO Campaigns

Getting A Handle On Your SEO CampaignsOne of the worst mistakes a company can make regarding their SEO campaigns is to try to stick their noses in every aspect of their SEO Company and its strategies.

On the other hand it does take some responsibility for the client to do their due diligence in these matters but there’s a right and wrong way to handle things.

First of all, if you’re not the SEO company then don’t try to be the SEO company. Let them do their jobs without as much interference as possible. You do, however have to keep a finger on what’s going on but only in their areas you’re knowledgeable about.

The first major steps are to establish the right communication with your SEO company and set realistic goals. If you g in making all sorts of unrealistic demands you run the risk of either grave disappointment or having your SEO company just shut you out and you’ll have to go elsewhere. Arrogance and being rude don’t work here. SEO pros charge anywhere of upwards of $200 per hour and are ethically bound to take that time to do the most efficient job possible. This isn’t always the case as some might not be as ethically bound and will burn up time in useless pursuits or if you make ridiculous requests and are a nuisance, you’ll end up playing more money as they’ll be spending more time trying to do the job.

Establish things from the start. Ask them about what they expect to be able to do in the time allotted. SEO is a long term project and things don’t just happen overnight. It takes a great deal of assessment, diagnostics, applied successful strategies, and more. Your SEO pro should explain this from the start in detail. Don’t toss absurd things at them like you need more links or more keywords etc.. They’ll know what you need right from the start and advise you of this. You can’t just say to them you need this many hits per week or month as there’s no telling until the statistics and are in and further diagnostics and strategies can be applied. It’s an uphill battle but your SEO company should know the things to do and will inform you of these changes where applicable.

Don’t allow for outsiders or know it alls to show up and add their two cents either. It seems like everyone and their brother is an SEO expert based on nonsense they’ve read or heard elsewhere. You let these people toss in their foolishness and you’ll be in a quagmire of trouble that could take months to remedy.

Mistakes made early could damage your online reputation and that will cost quite a bit to fix in the long term. Your competitors will see these errors and take advantage of them. Not only that but errors on your site may get mentioned in reviews of your services and goods as surfers might find contact errors, shipping errors, misspellings and difficulty in navigation.

This is a team effort, but each professional should be allowed to do their job, their way.