Getting The Best ROI For Your SEO Budget

Getting The Best ROI For Your SEO BudgetYour SEO campaigns depend a lot on not only getting the right SEO service, but in where you apply your budget and resources to get the best ROI on your investment.

Not only does a company have to have their ducks in a row to benefit from SEO, but a company has to know how much and where to invest their budget. Dumping a ton of money on one aspect is not a good idea, but diversifying that budget to tailor just what you want will allow you to better maximize your ROI and then do the due diligent research regarding what is it about your site via your traffic that is making those conversions and sales and retention.

Remember, traffic is only as good as it can convert into sales and turn into retention/return customers. When you have returning customers, that allows for you to build a much more solid platform for things to ramp up in your favor. It’s about knowing your site, market, traffic analytics, and this way you’ll see where the value of your SEO investment goes.

Analytics are important here. Scrutinize everything. Look at where the traffic is coming from, what time it arrives, the sources of the traffic, geo information as to which state, country, etc.. All this data is of utmost importance. You need to see how you can have your SEO team focus their efforts. If for example you get more converting traffic from a blog and that traffic comes from let’s say New York, then you need to exploit that geo data with more pertinent information relating to that location and the search query terms used in the search.

If for example you have a few videos on your site showcasing happy customers or tutorials for the DIY (Do It Yourself) market, then your traffic analytics will detail this information allowing you to see that investing in more like videos may well prove to be efficient.

It’s on a case by case basis how each site performs and knowing the ins and outs of your site and present SEO techniques will increase your ROI efficiency.

Think in terms of allocating for maximum efficiency. In today’s SEO, you need to have fine content, social media presence, engaging content and brand presence.

Let’s say you have $1,000 allocated toward your SEO campaign. You spend $500 with your core SEO pro, $300 for your social media management, $100 for YouTube video channel, $100 for this or that. As time goes by you’ll see which venue brings in the most traffic. Say after a few months you notice that the $100 you put down on YouTube brings in 40% of your converting traffic, but your $300 for Facebook only brings in 8%. Well that data right there says it’s time to take the money allocated for the under performing Facebook traffic and shift it to the YouTube traffic. You then wait for the results. As time goes on, you’ll see if your strategy pays off. If it does, then keep it that way until things change.

It’s all about staying aware of what is going on behind the scenes and not relying on people’s opinions. You want facts, not fiction. Your hard earned investment dollar has to go the distance and pay off or you’re just tossing money out the window which in today’s business clime, you cannot do.