Several Successful Strategies To Boost Your SEO

Several Successful Strategies To Boost Your SEOAny advantage to boosting one’s SEO efficiency is a welcomed one.

It’s a two fold process really, one where you have to follow well established methods and procedures as well as knowing the latest in SEO strategies.

The battle plan here is to make the best out of what you have already and then adding on top of that. Using tried and true tactics means you’ll start out on a solid foundation and that is a sure way to led you to optimum performance.

First is to examine and diagnose your your site’s strengths and weaknesses. Do so objectively. Analytic helps here greatly. Without using your statistics you’re shooting blind in the dark and won’t know where traffic is coming from, who is searching and visiting your site, what query strings they’re putting into search engines, and every little detail about your surfers and their habits.

This will give you the anatomy of your site’s strengths and weaknesses. You then start your rehabilitation of your site using the tools available to you. Google has some great tools in their webmasters’ section. Get and study these tools. Google is looking for sites that have authority to them and that means you have to know your analytics so you’ll know what to exploit on your own.

The fundamentals are, your site is well laid out with its sitemap. Content is spelled correctly and also tagged appropriately. All pics and videos have to have their content and descriptions clearly written and to do so to initiate engagement from your surfers.

Engagement means to get them to bookmark, return, and of course, share on social media. This is paramount. The more engagement you have on social media, the more important your site will look to Google. When Google sees that activity pointing to your site they’ll estimate your value and then boost you up. This doesn’t mean you should go out and try to do something silly like buying Facebook “Likes”. That traffic is useless and will get you penalized.

Do things honestly and precisely. It takes time but the empire you build using sound strategies means greater potential and less work to do down the road.

Another tactic is to have one or more blogs pertinent to your business niche. If you’re a plumber, then write articles pertaining to both plumbing and your experiences with plumbing. Tell amusing and engaging stories about new tools, funny and problem clients, how-to articles are the best. The reason being is that people search using questions. If you pepper your blog articles with questions like, “Where can I find a good plumber?” or “How do I find a good plumber?”, then you’ll match those queries. For better fire power, localization of local SEO will really do the trick.

Local SEO means that you’re including your address and location for a more fine tuned search.  So if you live in St. Petersburg, Florida, your website should have your location on every page as well as queries like, “How do I find a plumber in St. Petersburg, Florida?”. Put up some tips on finding a plumber with your location in the copy, add appropriately tagged photos, pics, and graphics and you’re good to go.