Getting the Most Out Of Your New Website: SEO

SEO OptimizationWhen it comes to optimizing your site for the best search rankings possible you always want to start fresh, and this rings true even though you may have a site already developed. When you work in the SEO optimization techniques from the very beginning the results are going to be much better, and no matter how you go about creating your websites you need to be able to create a friendly site when it comes to your search ranking optimization.

There are a few different things that you should take into account when you’re building your brand new website, and we’re going to go through a few of them to make sure that your website creation process is foolproof! The reason you need to soak up this information is because search engines are pretty much the most common means of traffic, and traffic is what every single site is searching for.

Make Use of the Proper URL Structure

When you’re purchasing your domain you should always make sure to use proper etiquette. Things like hyphens when you’re connecting words (as in multiple word domains) or even putting relevant keywords into it are ideal for SEO purposes. Irrelevant characters and stuff that doesn’t make sense should be avoided, but that’s pretty much common sense!

Efficiency Pertaining To Your Navigation

When it comes to the actual functioning portion of your website (more so the navigation component) you need to make it as simple as possible. Although it needs to be simple, it can still look “pretty”, so find the right balance and work your magic. Navigational menus are usually found at the top or sides of a website (the left side specifically). Some websites will put it in another location, but due to recent studies regarding eye-tracking on the computer suggest these are ideal spots. It’s important for SEO purposes, so just do what you can.

The Use of Social Media

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook are a god send when it comes to SEO, and this simply because it draws in other sources of traffic. It isn’t necessarily a large component to look at when it comes to ranking your website, but it’s always good to have implemented anyways (and it just adds another dimension to your site).

Optimize Your Images

Make sure that the images you’re using on your site are optimized to not only fit, but fit well. Images that are blurry or block out portions of your site are never good, and try to keep them low in file size for the sake of your visitors (20-100kb would be the recommended size). When it comes to the file names and alt text of your images you can use this to your advantage with SEO as well, as implementing a few keywords (or even LSI’s) within them will help you rank your site more efficiently. Most people overlook the optimization of images, and that’s probably why so many people fail when it comes to building a successful site!

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