Social Media Marketing 101: Tips for Small Businesses

smm and seo tipsWhen it comes to local SEO purposes you need to be aware of how crucial social media marketing can be. If you aren’t interacting with the community on a regular basis you’re going to notice the differences (that is when you compare yourself to a business with a larger social media following). Websites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are actually quite useful for drawing in business, and they also provide a great platform to optimize your business for search engines. All of these sites get indexed, so if you have a following on any of them you’ll see a rise in your page rank. A strong social media following is also crucial because it can be another means of revenue, there are tons of different ways to monetize social media traffic out there!

Local SEO is another important trait to social media marketing, because it will help the locals learn more about your business (as well as the world). When you have a Facebook page that is active with high quality updates (whether it be pictures of the food you serve or the clothes you produce) you’re interacting with your fans. The community surrounding your business is just as important as the ones that don’t, and maybe even more important in retrospect. If you can’t build up a local following with your small business you aren’t going to be successful (not all the time, but it’s usually the case), which is why social media marketing is looked at as being so crucial.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) provides you with a way to improve your websites traffic, whether you plan on selling online or not it’s always a good idea to optimize your sites as well as you possibly can. This means that you should go to the lengths of building back links and other useful data that attributes to your page rank, or even outsource the work if you aren’t used to doing SEO stuff yourself. Keeping your business afloat means you have to be creative, and this could mean a plethora of different things.

Some companies and smaller businesses make use of video blogs to make note of their daily encounters, and this is always a great idea. It gives your consumers (and the community) a glimpse into your businesses way of doing things, and if there’s one thing people love it’s knowing how their favourite operation works. These video blogs can be posted to your social media channels, and if they garner enough attention it will expand your small businesses across the world. Missing out on the opportunities social media has to offer is just plain silly, and that’s exactly why it’s important that small business owners are aware of it. It’s a more modern thing to think of, but the saying “adapt or die” really does come into play here. It’s 2014, so you need to market your business accordingly, not having an online social media presence is something you’ll regret in the long run!