Google Now Lets You Add Your Business Name And URL To Your Google My Business

Google Now Lets You Add Your Business Name And URL To Your Google My BusinessMike Blumenthal, a local Google guide, recently announced that Google My Business has a new feature that will let you create a short name and URL for your business. This is a great idea that will let you make your own profile here so that your business is more accessible to any potential customers you may encounter online. Once you’ve created a short name for your business on Google My Business you can then use it in a variety of places including on your business cards, posters, or in brochures. By doing so you’ll allow your customers to easily locate your business online so they can do a multitude of thinks like leave you a review, access any content or information you have available there, and get directions to where your business is located. Additionally, this will also help with your SEO.

Introducing the new Format

This new format will allow you to create a 5-character name for your business. You will then be given a short URL that looks like this:[YourName]. Whenever someone navigates to this short URL they’ll be taken to your Google business listing in Google Maps.

Explaining What a Short Name Is

As we mentioned, this short name can only consist of 6 characters. According to Google, the point is for each business to create a name that will represent their name, brand, location, or some other important aspect of the business itself. For instance, Google’s help document suggests that you use a combination of your business’ name with its location (either the city or the neighborhood that it’s located in).

Who can Utilize This new Service

Google My Business is making this new service available to any verified business. These businesses can create a custom name for themselves. Since this is a feature that Google is still in the process of rolling out, it’s important to understand that not every business account is going to have access to this service right now.

How You can Utilize This new Service

To see if your business is eligible to use this service currently you should navigate online to your Google My Business account. Once you’re there you can sign in and choose the business location that you want to create the name for. On the left side of the menu you’ll see a tab that says “info.” Once you click on this you’ll see another tab that says “add profile short name.” This is where you’ll be able to enter then name that you’ve created and chosen for your business. While Google strongly suggests that you only use 5 characters, they do give you up to 32 characters to use. After you apply for your name it’ll show as “pending” until Google reviews it. Afterwards it’ll show up in your business profile.

You can also do this on a mobile device simply by opening your Google My Business app and choosing “profile” then “add profile short name.” Once you’re done, you’ll save the changes and wait until your name is approved and shows up in your business profile.

It’s important to note that this is something you must do for each business individually. There is no bulk edit option available right now.

Why This Matters to You

The main reason why this is important is because many customers use Google My Business and Google Maps to find a business, learn more about them, and check out their reviews before visiting the business or buying anything from it. Additionally, you can direct customers to your new URL so they can easily learn more about you and your business. For help creating your listing or maintaining a high-quality SEO campaign reach out to Local SEO Tampa Company today.