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Suggestions on Links for SEO optimizaiton

Links are important aspects of websites. They are incorporated not just with the intention of providing further or diversified information but also as a business strategy. Both forward (aka outbound links) and backward (aka backlinks, inbound links) links play significant role towards the online popularity of websites. However, webmasters cannot just go about with any gimmick they want. Google, the largest search engine, has certain guidelines and recommendations on link building lest the websites may not feature on its search results. Google is what millions of people across the globe use to locate websites and no website can afford to get scrapped by it.

Websites’ ranks on Google search results are partly based on the analysis of backward links. The quality, quantity and relevance of backward links indicate the popularity, quality and subject matter of the website to which they link. However, links cannot be used to manipulate the rank of the website on search results. If the analysis of the website reveals any kind of manipulation of links implemented solely to exploit the quality of search results, the website is considered to be involved in Link Scheme and may face punishment from Google.

Examples of Link Schemes

Following link schemes negatively affect websites

1. Selling or purchasing links that pass PageRank. The transaction could be in the form of monetary exchange or exchange of posts that contain links, exchange of service or products for links, offer products for free in exchange of written referrals and links, etc.

2. Excessive exchange of links based on mutual agreement of linking to each other

3. Linking to irrelevant websites or web-spam with the intent of PageRank manipulation

4. Creation of partner pages only for the purpose of cross-linking

5. Hiring services or using automated programmes that generate link to the website

Examples of unnatural links

Following kinds of links are unnatural and breach Google guidelines:

1. Textual advertisement that passes PageRank

2. Links that are forcibly inserted into articles or have little consistency with the context. Such as
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3. Links of bookmark websites or low quality directoryEntrepreneurs can buy Twitter followers cheap with the help of social media optimisation services.

4. Links are embedded to widgets and are distributed to various websites

5. Links that are extensively distributed at the footers of different websites

6. Forum comments with links included in the signature or post, such as
Thanks for the info..
– Michael
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However, PPC or Pay-Per-Click links for advertisement are not considered violator, if PageRank is not passed by those links to the buyer of the advertisement.

The most important and the best technique according to Google is to create relevant and unique content. Useful and comprehensive content are bound to attract links from other relevant websites. Besides, if the content is good, the chances are greater that authoritative website will link, which can be considered as editorial votes of appreciation. Blogging community is a great place to create interest for the website.

Author Bio: Tony Rollan writes on aspects of web marketing, search engine optimization and small business marketing. Tony has been working as a marketing consultant for Local SEO Tampa company.

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