Google’s Take On What Link Building Should Be

Google's Take On What Link Building Should BeLink building is one of the oldest ways to generate traffic and raise one’s rankings on the search engines.

Nowadays, however, link building can be the most detrimental technique if you don’t do it right. This is why SEO pros know they had better do some linking changes and do so the right way and fast.

Google has put out new rules and guidelines to go along with th4eir software that they use to diagnose and upgrade their search engine so that users get relevant events. The time these software changes occur, the updates is known to no one. Only SEO pros can get a general idea of when these changes occurred to sudden shifts in rankings and other statistics. Truth be told, the changes of today are due primarily to practices and techniques that Google no long allows. This is primarily in the linking area. Why? Because Google now has the technology to thwart the old school techniques of spammer linking and link building farms.

No longer will just having lots of links to and from your website, no, nowadays your site’s linking has to be relevant, useful, authoritative, and no black hat tricks. SEO pros are scrambling to repair sites they’ve developed and their clients are chomping at the bit to get their sties and blogs back in the top search engine results. The website customer has to realize thee changes were due to happen because of a number of reasons. First of all, surfers got tired of going through the first top page results of a search engine query only to find out that none of the sites they were presented with had any relevant information at all. Most were scams and contained anything from adware, malware, redirects or other sinister content.

Google saw the writing on the wall, and then realized they had been losing money left and right because of these tactics. They lowered the boom on linking and now, the game has changed for the better.

First of all, Google wants relevant linking. No more thousands of links to your site that have nothing to do with your site, your goods, and services. If the link to your site has nor merit, then you’re in for a major statistics crash and it may take who knows how long to recover, if you recover at all.

The risks of bad linking are too much to take and it’s a good idea to follow Google’s lead in how to do it right.

Make sure your links are of quality and relevance. Tag your photos and make sure your contact information has no misspellings or errors. Keep an eye on the links to and fro your site for the same. One mistake can cost you. Make sure the review sites are available and post on your site and social media for people to review your goods and services and emphasize the importance of spelling and mentioning names of staff, location, for local SEO, which is a powerful tactic to say the least.

Basically, to do linking right with Google, be honest, professional, and diligent. Things don’t happen overnight so expect to monitor things in the short and long term and you’ll be okay.