It’s Time To Rethink SEO Strategies

It's Time To Rethink SEO StrategiesWe all hate it when the game field changes as well as the game rules, especially when the game is in play, and that’s what’s happening with the way SEO is handled today.

The old methods of SEO are dying like the dinosaurs and it has marketers scrambling to catch up.  Those old tactics whereby marketers would stuff keywords into every inch of a site, rally up all sorts of non relevant links are gone.  It’s due to the search engines like Google who want their surfers to find the most important and relevant results, and they know all the old tricks especially the black hat kind.

That being said, it behooves today’s marketer to design and engineer their websites so that the search engines will list them higher because it would help the surfer most.  As people input query strings that read like normal dialogue or use their mobile devices that incorporate speech, the results should mimic those found in these queries.  The more natural they sound, the better the odds are if you have those answers on your site.  Don’t try any tricks, build quality content that is well written, the photos and videos are tagged and titled accordingly.  If a query is input such as “Where can I find rubber sneakers?”, then you’ll need to have that question and relevant words on your site.  You might find that “Here is where you can find rubber sneakers” on your site and then add some local SEO whereby you’ll have “In Miami, Florida you can find rubber sneakers” and have a pic of the sneakers with a tag wit the Miami, Florida in it.  This way you’ll draw in ore organic traffic which you can then see convert into leads and sales.

Today’s marketer has got to get out of the old mindset and see the new and emerging world of SEO.  If not, then all those old school methods are just going to eat up money and waste time.  Today’s SEO incorporates new ways of link building and social media as well.

Social media is where it’s at.  Plain and simple.  Utilizing this frontier is so essential it cannot be understated.  There are ways to take advantage of those Facebook pages, likes, shares, and if your site is really well laid out and relevant you’ll get that organic traffic from the social media sites that converts into sales.  The same goes for link building.  Don’t even try the old way of link building, it’ll get you so slammed.  Instead make sure inbound and outbound links have authority.  This is what Google wants.  Not just a long list of links inward or outbound that are just there for spam purposes.

These changes are moving in rapidly thanks to new software engineering that is weeding out the chaff from the wheat so that surfers get the real results.

Overall, just unlearning what you’ve learned will do you better in the short and long term.