How Email Marketing Gives Your SEO a Boost

How Email Marketing Gives Your SEO a BoostUnfortunately, the connection between email marketing and SEO isn’t obvious. After all, Google doesn’t crawl through and rank each of your emails nor does having a large list of email subscribers help you rank higher for your keywords of choice. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t a helpful tool though. In fact, it’s able to wield traffic in highly effective ways that other marketing channels can’t. As such, it’s important to have strategies that’ll help you use it to your benefit.

Encourage Subscribers to Engage with Your Email

While you can’t send out emails about “marketing services” in hopes of ranking higher for the term, you can create an email marketing campaign about helpful marketing resources in which you attract traffic for your keyword. In this way, email doesn’t help you rank in and of itself but the comments your emails receive will help propel you forward in Google. Another way of doing this is by sending great blog posts out to your email list thus bumping up your organic traffic and helping you with lead generation. You can further enhance this with the way you write an engaging call-to-action. Make sure that in it you:

  • Ask readers to comment on your blog post
  • Encourage readers to share your post
  • Drive readers to your social media channels and encourage them to engage with you there

Drive Email Subscribers to Consume Your Content

Other ways of encouraging your readers to get hooked on your content is also important. Ideally you want your email marketing to eventually encourage your subscribers to remain connected with your content in other ways besides through email reminders. Do this by telling your subscribers that they should check out your RSS. Some of the best ways of doing this include:

  • Offer website visitors the ability to subscribe to an email list that delivers weekly updates from specific parts of your blog
  • Tell people who love your videos to subscribe to your YouTube channel
  • Tell people who love your photos to subscribe to your Instagram channel

These other “content hooks” won’t only keep people connected to your website but they’ll also seriously help give your SEO initiatives a boost. This will improve your standing in the SERPs.

Repurpose Newsletter Content

It takes time to write good, thoughtful, useful emails. This is why it’s so unfortunate that the content doesn’t register with Google or impact your SEO much. However, this doesn’t mean that your newsletter content can’t be reused or repurposed as blog content. There are a variety of really simple ways to do this – all of which will impact your SEO. Some of the best ways to do this with your email marketing include:

  • Turn long email newsletters into stand-along blog posts: Simply take the content, insert relevant links, and post it on your blog. This then allows you to share the content through social media channels.
  • Turn short newsletters into various related newsletters: You can bundle these together, make sure it flows smoothly, then create a long blog post.

Both of these will enable you to share your insights and messages with those who don’t subscribe to your email marketing messages. It’ll also allow you to have more quality content for SEO. Although this may seem like a lot of work to you now, it’ll save you a lot of hard work in the long run since you won’t need to write the content a second time.


With these strategies you can leverage your email list and boost your website in the SERPs. To determine which of these will work best for you contact the Local SEO Company. They’ll help you find the right initiatives to give your website a boost.