Why It’s Important For Contractors To Improve Their Local Seo

Why It's Important For Contractors To Improve Their Local SeoAbout 33% of all the mobile searches conducted on Google are local. Searching for things “near me” is fueled by mobile technology. When people are out doing things they want to know the best places to do other things. As a contractor you may wonder if this affects you, but as mobile search continues growing there are many reasons why it does, and it will.

Your Service is Tied into a Specific Location

Local SEM should be a no-brainer since you probably don’t have a location in every state. Since your business is tied to a specific location, regular SEO will lead to disappointment for those who find your business would be perfect to them but then discover that you’re on the other coast. This is less likely to happen with local SEO as you’ll be seen more by people near you.

People Search for Your Business

Since people are looking for businesses they can shop at, it only makes sense that they’d be even more concerned when it comes to services that are delivered on-site. With local SEO your contractor business will be put in the front and center when someone in your area is searching for you. Of course, the more you improve your contractor SEO the easier you’ll make it for your business to be found.

Contractor SEO Drives Results

When people find your business through a local search, about 60% of them will call you. Studies show that 70% of mobile users will hit Google’s click-to-call button. Another 60% will visit your business even if they don’t call you. This means that some people will both call you and visit you in person.

Contractor SEO Increases Sales and Revenues

Although improving your contractor SEO will improve your leads, this doesn’t mean it’ll improve your sales. Unfortunately, only some of the people who contact your business will buy something. Nevertheless, this will still be a significant number of people – over a quarter of people who contact you will make a purchase. By boosting your local SEO, you can improve your sales and revenues though.

It’s Easier to Rank for Local Search

It’s usually easier for a contractor to rank locally because you aren’t competing for the same keywords that most businesses compete for. This is because location information makes it easier for you to rank for the keywords of your choice. Of course, if you live in a major metropolitan area, you’ll have more competition even as a contractor. This is why you need to think small. In fact, you can think just as small as concentrating on local neighborhoods around your business.

It’s Cost Effective

Although increasing your sales sounds appealing, it’ll sound even better when you realize that your ROI will be even higher than with regular SEO services. While local SEO uses similar tips and tricks, increased targeting ensures that your business is seen by the right people. This is because location information narrows your audience down to those looking in that area for your business instead of simply getting you in front of as many people as possible.

It’s Continuing to Grow

Local search will be around for a while and most likely, is continuing to grow and evolve. Over the next few years we’ll probably see it take over. Ultimately this will also increase your sales potential too. This demonstrates how important it is for contractors. Many believe this importance will continue to grow, which is why it should be a priority for you today. With this in mind you should contact the Local SEO Tampa Company to help you jumpstart your campaign today.