How to Place Source Materials within Articles to Help with SEO

People who own a blogging website often get confused regarding sourcing of attributes while writing their blog’s original contents. Most of them want to get some detailed idea about how to let their readers know the resources they used for writing the articles. Matt Cutts, renowned Google Engineer came up with surprising answers when asked this question and its relevance to SEO.

Placing of sources in the articles is not something to get worried of. Even though, people are of the belief that placing of link sources in the articles assists with SEO and ensures that webmaster guidelines are adhered to but this is actually not the fact. The main thing is to make sure the convenience of readers is kept in mind.

Cutts stated that instead of simply referring to the source, people should place original source links at the articles top. 1st paragraph definitely seems pretty appropriate. If the original link is provided inside the articles, it gets easier for readers to refer to sources of the material. This sort of strategy also helps with PageRank flow and lets readers find out more about the topic discussed in the articles.

Apart from that, Cutts even stated that source links can be included at the end of the articles but needs to be defined in a clear way. If the articles are quite big then mentioning the source links initially in the articles certainly helps a lot as readers might not check out what’s included at bottom of articles. The main purpose is to show courteousness to the sources from where the articles have been written.