How To Use AI To Enhance SEO Content

AI Fundamentals and Large Language ModelsCould the creation of AI content increase your SERP visibility? Are you prepared to effectively scale your strategy and increase the output of your SEO content creation? Here’s some information that’ll help you understand how AI content generators can help you produce more.

AI Fundamentals and Large Language Models
Does AI genuinely comprehend what it produces? Does it understand words and context the same way a human speaker would?

When you use AI to generate local SEO content, it uses a sophisticated system known as a large language model (LLM) to predict the next clause of a sentence. They might, however, overlook the underlying meaning. Therefore, even though AI tools’ sentences are grammatically correct, keep in mind that they might only occasionally communicate the intended message. This is why even Open AI’s most sophisticated GPT-4 model only achieves 80% factual accuracy in some instances.

Implications for You
The good news is that Google does not object to local SEO content produced by AI. They won’t penalize you for using AI to help with content generation if your content shows E-A-T and satisfies the searcher’s needs. However, using AI is beneficial if you’re worried about originality and accuracy. Generative AI is unable to produce wholly unique concepts when using only existing data. Therefore, if you rely solely on AI, you might want to add your own special touch or experiences.

Advice for Your Local SEO Content
Start with Prompt Engineering to incorporate generative AI into your local SEO content creation. This means that you need to instruct GPT correctly so it produces your desired outcome. For instance, to achieve the desired result, you need to give GPT instructions that align with what it’s learned rather than asking it for something general.

Use AI to Generate Ideas for New Content
You can ask the AI, for instance, for 5 ideas in a specific category to help with brainstorming. It can offer appropriate subheadings to help organize your lengthy content. This approach provides a helpful way to get a high-level summary of prevalent themes surrounding a topic. It also helps you locate pertinent long-tail keywords, queries, and additional topics to cover. Therefore, you can avoid the originality issue by adding your own voice and writing style. It gives you an outline, so you don’t have to check for factual inaccuracies or fabrications produced by AI.

Use AI to Write Initial Drafts
Incorporating AI to generate initial drafts is an effective approach to obtaining concise content for short passages and integrating it into your writing. When trying to rank for specific keywords in an article, it helps with focus and can offer snippets, paragraphs, or sentences to enhance your work.

Have AI Examine Content and Offer Suggestions
By having AI look at your content and offer you suggestions, it acts as your writing buddy making clear comments and recommendations. Focused guidance demands clear limitations and precise instructions. It’s also useful for keyword targeting because it provides feedback on the relevance of the content and makes focused recommendations.

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