Mobile SEO Needs Lots Of Attention And Fast

Mobile SEO is nothing to take for granted in regard to traffic.

In today’s online marketing strategies, anyone disavowing mobile SEO is nowhere near reality.  It is the fastest growing sector of traffic and with more social media making itself mobile friendly, it behooves any online marketer to take mobile seriously.

Estimates are that 30% to 50% of present traffic is mobile.  As mobile devices become more readily available globally, you can be assured that people coming to your site are getting there via mobile.  It’s because with mobile, a person can go about town and not be encumbered with a desktop or laptop in order to get to the web.  We’ve all seen people with their heads buried in their mobile devices all over the place.  With that many people using mobile 24/7 it stands to reason that mobile is the way to go.

Optimizing your site for mobile is essential.  It’s like cutting off an arm or leg if you don’t.  There are experts and services out there that can help as long as tutorials to get you familiar with what is needed.  There are sound procedures to follow and less than optimum approaches.  Doing it wrong will get you less than optimum results and you’ll be bleeding traffic and conversions all over the place.

Add to all this, there are new rules and regulations coming down the pike and Google is leading the pack.  In April 2015, Google will be issuing what’s referred to as a mobile update and marketers had better be ready for it.  Google will start this mobile friendly procedure for getting rankings via smartphone searches.

No one knows how much this process will change mobile traffic, but since it’s Google, it’s better to be prepared none the less.  It might be barely negligible or it might be a punch in the gut, we’ll only know when the changes occur and follow the stats to the letter.

In order to prepare you’re going to have to do some detective work and diagnostics. Checking your top keywords and key phrases and monitoring them night and day to see any changes.  When the big change hits on April 21st you’ll have to keep an eye on all traffic, changes, use Google Adwords analysis and anything you can get your hands on to see what changes if any occur.

Should any changes of significance occur you’ll have to work fast.  This could mean doing something as simple as altering copy, but then again it might mean something more deep like revamping an entire site’s content, tags, and more.  This is why you’ll need to stay vigilant throughout this situation.

Some are fearing this process but fear is not an option here.  This is just how the web operates.  Nothing stays the same and improvements and changes are going to occur whether we like it or not.

So as far as the new mobile SEO goes, it’s going to take some time and effort but there’s no need to panic.  Just keep a pro-level attitude and all should be fine.

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